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Express Electrical Services in Long Beach

Express Electrical Services is Southern California’s #1 electrical installation, repair, and maintenance company. We have the most qualified electrical contractors in the region. When you need an electrician in Long Beach, you can trust our fully trained, licensed, and certified electrical technicians to do the job correctly. They can handle any issue, from replacing an outlet to rewiring your home to upgrading your electrical panel.

We began serving the Los Angeles area in 1982. Since then, we’ve become the go-to electrical contractor for new and repeat customers. Our residential and commercial clients rely on us to ensure their comfort and safety and to keep their properties functional. Here are just some of the reasons you can count on a Long Beach electrician from Express Electrical Services:

  • Emergency Service 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Emergency Response Times of 60 Minutes or Less
  • Same-Day Service for Most Installations and Repairs
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Cost Saving Specials and Unbeatable Financing

Residential Electrical Services

Our team is familiar with all of Long Beach’s electrical codes and regulations and those of the National Electrical Code. These include permit and inspection requirements for a new lighting installation, an electrical panel upgrade, or alterations or additions to existing wiring. Our electricians in Long Beach can handle all of these, as well as replace circuit breakers, install an EV charger, and design indoor and outdoor lighting (plus provide motion sensors, timers, and other security elements). We also provide a range of home safety services, including installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, whole-home surge protection systems, and security lighting.

Commercial Electrical Services

Businesses in Long Beach can call on Express Electrical Services to address their wiring, lighting, and electrical system maintenance needs. A commercial establishment must meet different electrical requirements than a home, as it has a higher power demand and needs wiring that can handle that extra load. We know local businesses must remain profitable. To help reduce operating expenses, we can improve energy efficiency by installing the proper components and maintaining your electrical system. We also minimize downtime when you run into electrical problems; our team is prompt, detail-oriented, and efficient, so we get the job done right the first time.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel, the control center for your electrical system, is a complex assembly of wiring, bus bars, and circuit breakers. It allows electricity to be filtered from the utility grid and safely distributed to every circuit and fixture. Unfortunately, older panels don’t meet the power demands of modern appliances. If you have a 100-amp or 60-amp panel or even a fuse box, we’ll upgrade your property to a 200-amp or higher panel, depending on your electrical needs. This also eliminates shock, burn, and fire hazards.

Lighting Installation and Repair

Our Long Beach electricians are lighting experts who can assist with lighting design, accounting for color, scale, texture, and other details. They can transform the look and mood of your home. And, from repairing a lamp or light fixture to installing a chandelier or ceiling fan to setting up the latest LED, accent, or recessed lighting, our team is fully experienced. We also specialize in outdoor lighting installations, including flood lights, motion-activated lights, and spotlights.

Circuit Breaker Services

A circuit breaker protects your home or business from electrical overloads by cutting power to the affected circuit. When a breaker trips, it can be reset if the overload condition has been resolved, which can require anything from unplugging extra devices to repairing electrical wiring. Replacing a circuit breaker requires a trained professional as it can be dangerous. Our electricians install and wire breakers and can add new ones if there’s additional room and capacity. We also install the latest breakers that shut down circuits electronically and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) that protect against shocks due to current imbalances.

Electrical Wiring Services

From the smallest wiring repair to re-wiring an entire house, our electricians in Long Beach can manage any wiring project and ensure your property is up to code. Re-wiring a home may be necessary if it still has cloth-insulated or aluminum wiring, which is unsafe and a fire hazard. Also, call us if your wiring isn’t properly grounded (you have two-prong instead of three-prong outlets), you often use extension cords, or there are issues like breakers tripping often,  flickering/dimming lights, or tingling sensations when using appliances. We also replace old knob and tube wiring.

EV Charger Installation

If you own an electric vehicle, you know finding a public charging station and paying high fees can be challenging. We can install a Level 2 EV charger in your garage with a 240-volt connection to your electrical panel. You can plug your vehicle in overnight or whenever you arrive home without any hassle. Additionally, we provide EV charger maintenance, repair, and upgrades and can provide any electrical updates necessary to support your new charging system. Financing options help make this convenience more affordable, while you may also qualify for utility rebates and state or federal tax credits.

Emergency Electrical Services

When you have an electrical emergency, you cannot afford to delay service. Our Long Beach electricians can address any situation, 24 hours a day, no matter how big or small it is. Call us immediately if there’s any sign of an electrical emergency, including:

  • Circuit breakers constantly trip
  • Electrical outlets are buzzing
  • A receptacle appears burnt
  • A burning plastic smell
  • An electrical fixture or appliance sparks
  • You find a damaged electrical cord
  • Lights are dimming or flickering
  • A power loss in your home or business
  • You receive an electrical shock or burn

Electrical Safety Inspections

Whether it’s been decades since your electrical system was inspected, your insurance company calls for an inspection, or you’re moving into a new home, Express Electrical Services provides detailed electrical inspections. Our technicians are trained to know what to look for. An inspection helps find faulty or outdated wiring, ungrounded outlets, a lack of GFCI protection, and other issues that warrant updating your property. An inspection and any necessary electrical work can improve property value and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your electrical system is safe.

Contact Express Electrical Services

We have the most qualified residential and commercial electricians in Long Beach to meet your electrical installation, repair, and maintenance needs. You can expect high-quality service no matter the size and scope of your project. Our team provides electrical panel upgrades, indoor/outdoor lighting installation and repair, and wiring and re-wiring services. Whether you need an EV charger installed or an electrical inspection, we’re ready to help. Our Long Beach electricians are also available 24/7 to handle emergencies. To get started, contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a quote.

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