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Electrician in Studio City

Residential Electrician Serving Southern California for Over 25 Years

Are you having any trouble with your electricity, or looking to upgrade your home’s electrical system? Express Electrical Services is a highly-rated residential electrician serving all of Los Angeles County.

Available 24/7, we employ licensed electricians with top industry training and qualifications. We can help with any problem, from flickering lights to power outages, and even install a home Electric Vehicle charger. If you have an emergency, we can reach your home within 60-90* minutes.

Residential Electrical Services

Call us today to have a Studio City electrician help you with:

Electrical Automation

When your home is automated, it is more convenient and efficient. You’ll save energy and have lower monthly electric bills. Whether you want smart locks and security cameras, wireless connectivity, or automated landscape lighting, our electricians in Studio City can help.

Electrical Installation

Our team can install any kind of electrical fixture, whether you need an electrical panel, outlet, ceiling or attic fan, a smoke detector, or even an HVAC unit. Whether you need indoor or outdoor lighting installed, our team of Studio City electrical contractors can manage that too.

Electrical Remodeling

For homeowners needing electrical remodeling in Studio City, an electrician can install the latest systems such as LED recessed lighting and advanced controls, so you can access your lighting via smart phone and iPad applications.

Electrical Re-Wiring

Our local electricians in Studio City can rewire your home if necessary. Old wiring increases the risk of hazards and fixing it yourself is dangerous. Express Electrical Services can install ground fault interrupter circuits, kitchen appliance wiring, service panels, and replace/install switches, outlets, and dimmers.

Electrical Repairs

If you have electrical panel issues, the wrong fuse has overloaded the system, or a circuit breaker trips, our Studio City electricians can check it out. We can also find the cause of power surges, outages, or lights that flicker or dim for no apparent reason. You can count on us to fix damaged cords or faulty wiring, or check your outlet if there are buzzing noises. We are experienced with handling all types of electrical repairs.

Electrical Panels

You might need an electrical panel upgrade if your lights are flickering, you hear sizzling sounds from the panel, or electrical surges called arcing. Call us and a licensed electrician in Studio City will provide you with an electrical panel upgrade.

EV Chargers

Don’t pay for public Electric Vehicle charging stations. Our team of Studio City electricians can install one right outside your home, so your vehicle will always be ready to go.

GFCI/GFI Outlets

Don’t have a GCFI outlet? Don’t be at risk of electric shock. Call us and an electrician will install one, so any imbalances will trigger a cut-off in a fraction of a second.

Knob & Tube Upgrades

Installing new knobs and tubes improves safety, adds capacity, and can qualify your home for insurance coverage. You can forget about the hazards of old insulation or damaged components by letting us upgrade your electrical system.


Call us and an electrician in Studio City will visit your home for upgrades such as three-prong outlets and state-of-the-art switching by experienced electricians.

Home Safety Services by Local Electricians

Contact a Studio City Electrician if you need carbon monoxide detectors installed, serviced, or replaced. Express Electrical Services installs smoke detectors as well. Call us and a residential electrician will check your detectors and maintain them in compliance with local laws. We’re experienced installing hard-wired smoke detectors in the proper locations. Additionally, an electrician in Studio City can install security lighting outside your home, complete with motion sensors and digital timers.

Looking for whole house surge protection? Our electricians specialize in protecting your home, appliances, and safety against surges at an affordable price.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Services

We can install accent lighting inside and outside your home. Whether you need an electrical panel upgrade or not, a licensed electrician can install your ceiling fans, chandeliers, and various types of LED and recessed lighting. We install dimmers and timers. Bathroom and kitchen lighting is our specialty as well.

If you want to spruce up your exterior, we can send a residential South Gate electrician to install landscape lighting or brighten up your pool. From transformers to motion sensors, our electricians serving Los Angeles County can provide all the installations you need to properly illuminate the interior and exterior of your home.

Call Express Electrical Services Today

If you need an upgrade, new wiring, repairs, or don’t know why your lights are flickering, we can come to your home and provide installations and repairs as needed, at affordable prices. Customers throughout Southern California and Studio City have relied on our reliable service and pricing and fast response time of 60-90* minutes. Highly rated, Express Electrical Services serves all of Los Angeles County. Contact us for information about financing and check back often for coupons and details on specials.

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