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When you need an electrician in Compton, you can reach Express Electrical Services anytime. We’ve provided high-quality electrical installations and repairs in the Los Angeles area since 1982. You can count on our Compton electricians in an emergency or if you need a professional for an electrical panel upgrade, lighting installation, electrical wiring repair, or EV charger installation.

Like our clients throughout Southern California, homeowners and business owners in Compton can count on us for:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • 60 Minutes or Less Emergency Response Times
  • Fully Licensed and Certified Technicians
  • Cost-Saving Specials
  • Instant Financing for Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Services

You probably don’t think of your electrical system when it’s working properly, even though you use it throughout the day. Nonetheless, Express Electrical Services is here to address all your residential electrical needs. Our Compton electricians are prompt, reliable, and courteous, being respectful of your home and fast in addressing needs such as:

  • Lighting: Whether you need a lamp or light fixture repaired or kitchen/bathroom lighting installed, we can help. Our electricians can wire and install a chandelier or update your home to the latest LED and recessed lighting. They can even help with architectural and security lighting outside your home.
  • Wiring: Working with electrical wiring can be tricky, whether to repair an outlet or install a new circuit. If you live in an older home, let us inspect and replace cloth-insulated, aluminum, or knob and tube wiring. After a full evaluation, we can ensure your system is grounded, help increase capacity, and otherwise ensure your home is up to code.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: Your electrical panel is the control center for your home electrical system. Upgrading it provides support for the power demands of modern electrical appliances. We recommend installing a 200-amp panel to increase safety, capacity, and energy efficiency.

Commercial Electrical Services

Express Electrical Services tailors electrical solutions to the needs of businesses throughout Compton. A business typically has a higher electrical demand than a home. Plus, we know you rely on electricity to stay open and serve customers. Our electricians in Compton can minimize the disruption no matter what kind of electrical problem you have and are versatile in handling:

  • Commercial Electrical Wiring: The three-phase setup in a commercial building, rather than the single-phase configuration in a home, requires larger, more complex wiring. Our commercial electricians can meet all the electrical wiring requirements in your building, including if conduits are needed.
  • Commercial Lighting: The right commercial lighting is essential to the safety of customers and the productivity of workers. We install the latest, most efficient lighting solutions to save money on energy while improving the functionality of your space. We are a full-service lighting design and installation company.
  • Electrical System Maintenance: At Express Electrical Services, we provide routine inspections to ensure your business is safe and up to code. We cover electrical components inside and outside your building. Any hazards can put many people at risk and potentially damage large machines and electronics.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels replaced fuse panels in the 1960s, but capacity requirements have increased over time. If you have an older 60-amp or 100-amp panel, we’ll upgrade it to a 200-amp or higher electrical panel. First, our Compton electricians will evaluate your home or business and assess any concerns you have. Then they’ll determine the capacity you need and provide electrical panel replacement.

Lighting Installation and Repair

Express Electrical Services has a team of lighting design experts serving Compton. Precise measurements enable us to determine the precise placement and intensity of each fixture. We manage indoor and outdoor lighting installations. From installing dimmers and timers to ceiling fans and chandeliers, we have all your lighting needs covered. And, whether you need a bulb or socket replaced or the wiring for a lighting fixture redone, our team can handle any type of repair.

Circuit Breaker Services

Circuit breakers provide the convenience of resetting rather than replacing them when they trip. However, a circuit breaker can wear out or go bad. When it does, it won’t provide adequate protection against unsafe levels of current. 

If a circuit breaker is faulty, it must be replaced by a professional. Our Compton electricians have the tools and expertise to do so safely, as the new breaker must be the same size and voltage. Also, circuit breaker replacement must be done carefully to avoid a burn, shock, or electrocution.

Electrical Wiring Services

Installing an outlet, switch, dimmer, GFCI, ceiling fan, or other electrical component or fixture requires knowledge of wiring installation. One mistake can not only cause a fixture or appliance to malfunction; it can also be a shock and fire hazard. Whether you need a single fixture or receptacle wired or a whole-house re-wiring, you can trust Express Electrical Services for high-quality work and lasting results.

EV Charger Installation

Home EV chargers are becoming more common in Compton and Southern California homes. Owning an electric vehicle has perks, but the high cost of using public charging stations isn’t one of them. We install Level 2 EV chargers in garages and can connect them to your main panel. Hardwiring is recommended and we can network your charger to your home smart devices. We also provide EV charger repair and maintenance.

Emergency Electrical Services

Express Electrical Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any situation. Call for immediate help from a Compton electrician if:

  • Lights Throughout Your Home or Business Flicker
  • An Outlet, Switch, or Panel Feels Hot
  • An Electrical Fixture Makes Buzzing Sounds
  • Circuit Breakers Trip Multiple Times
  • You or Someone On Your Property Is Shocked
  • You Notice an Electrical Burning Smell
  • An Electrical Component Appears Burnt
  • A Wire Is Frayed or Damaged

Electrical Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are critical in ensuring there are no electrical hazards in your Compton home or business. At Express Electrical Services, our technicians check wiring, electrical panels, fixtures, lighting, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and surge protection systems to ensure they’re safe and code-compliant. Our inspections determine when upgrades are needed and provide peace of mind whether your electrical system is aging, you’re moving into a new home, or your business must meet local requirements.

Contact Express Electrical Services Today

As the top electrical company in Southern California, we meet all the electrical needs of residential and commercial customers in Compton. Our team responds quickly in emergencies. They’re also trained and licensed to handle any electrical wiring, panel, lighting, outlet, or EV charger installation or repair. When you need an experienced electrician in Compton, request service here on our website or call (855) 590-8785.

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