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Express Electrical Services: Licensed Electrician Available 24/7 for All Emergencies

Trusted by customers throughout Los Angeles County, Express Electrical Services is highly rated for electrical installation, wiring, remodel work and electrical repairs in Gardena. Our electricians are experienced, trained, and qualified to handle all types of electrical issues. Located in the southwestern part of the county, Gardena is known for its large Japanese American population, shopping, and casinos. More than 58,000 people call the city home.

Our Los Angeles electricians are located:

Electrical Services Whenever You Need Them

Our Gardena electrician is available 24/7. Whenever there’s a problem, our emergency electricians can be at your door in 60-90 minutes, to reduce your worry and the risk of a shock, burn, or fire.

Call us right away if you have:

  • Outdated aluminum wiring
  • Buzzing electrical outlets
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Damaged electrical cords
  • Flickering/dimming lights
  • A hot/overloaded/faulty panel
  • A faulty GFCI outlet
  • Power outages/surges
  • A burning plastic smell

Aluminum wires are sensitive to temperature changes, which can loosen connections over time. Our licensed electrician will replace them with copper wiring to bring your home up to code. If you smell burning plastic, it’s an electrical emergency and a sign wire insulation is melting. Call our emergency electrician right away to fix the problem.

We’re also here to help with:

Electrical Repairs

If you need to find an electrician to troubleshoot a problem and perform any electrical repair, Express Electrical Services is the company to call. Electrical panel issues can arise from using the wrong fuses or outdated components, while flickering or dimming lights can be caused by electrical wiring problems or overloaded circuits. Our residential electricians in Gardena can quickly correct these issues or address faulty cords, wiring, or outlets. Call today for a diagnosis and quick remedy.

Electrical Installation Services

Never attempt an electrical installation yourself without the training or experience. Electricity is dangerous and can cause shocks, burns, fires, and electrocutions. While our certified electrician can install everything from kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting to fans and HVAC units, we also do EV chargers. We can quickly install the right type of vehicle charger, so your hybrid or electric vehicle can be charged before you leave the garage.

Electrical automation is an energy and cost saving measure, and convenient as well. Once our electrical contractor installs an automation system, you can control your appliances, lighting, blinds, door locks, and HVAC system remotely. Gain wireless control of security cameras and landscape lighting as well.

We install, re-wire, and inspect fixtures such as ceiling and attic fans. Our Gardena electrician can help even if there’s no prior electrical connection. You can therefore have a fan that works during all seasons, circulates air efficiently, and adds both light and décor.

Home Re-Wiring

Electrical wiring requires an experienced and licensed electrician to install and repair correctly. We can effortlessly fix:

GFCI Outlets – Ground fault interrupt circuits protect you against power spikes and avoid shocks and burns.

Outlets/Switches – Safe replacement of components avoids the dangers of old/faulty wires and outdated parts.

Kitchen Appliances – Have a residential electrician wire your new appliances to avoid potential damage or injury.

Electrical Panels – We can service a panel with any problem and upgrade one that’s more than 30 years old.

Knob & Tube Wiring – Old homes with this setup are a fire hazard; call us for new electrical wiring to bring your home up to code.

Electrical Remodeling – Renovating or adding a room in Gardena? Our residential electrician will install all the outlets, switches, wires, and lights you need.

Home Safety Services in Gardena

Aside from electrical repairs in Gardena, we also install all kinds of safety components. If you need a carbon monoxide or smoke detector installed, repaired, or replaced, we can ensure each one is placed correctly. Your alarms can be connected to your electrical system instead of run on batteries to maximize reliability.

We can also address your outdoor security lighting, installing floodlights, timers, and photocells to eliminate hiding spots. But not all the dangers come from potential intruders. Lightning and other natural events can threaten your home, which is why we can install whole house surge protection to block powerful surges that can cause major damage.

Home Lighting

Our electrical installation services include interior and exterior lighting. From accent lighting to highlight objects inside to updating your décor with fans, chandeliers, and LED recessed lighting, our electrical contractor can do it all. We do accent lighting outside as well, and can enhance your landscape lighting to new levels. Whether you’re in need of new pool lighting or convenient motion sensors or transformers, we can find an electrician in your area to help.

Call Express Electrical Services Today

Need a highly rated electrician in Gardena to help with an installation or remodel project, or an emergency electrician to check out those flickering lights or buzzing outlets? You can depend on us for a certified electrician, reliable prices, and fast service—call and we’ll be there in 60-90 minutes! Serving all of Los Angeles County, our electricians are experienced and courteous. Save with specials and coupons, or inquire about our financing options and services by calling (855) 976-9049.


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