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Located in the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Winnetka covers nearly 5 square miles. It is home to more than 49,000 residents. Originally a farming community established in the 1920s, Winnetka is now home to small parks, a large recreation center, and a family-oriented YMCA.

Express Electrical Services is proud to be Winnetka’s #1 licensed emergency electrician. Available 24/7, we can be reached during emergencies, day or night, and offer same-day service whether you need emergency electrical repair or a Winnetka electrician to troubleshoot flickering lights, power surges, tripped circuit breakers, sparking panels, buzzing outlets, or burning odors. Our electrical contractors are trained to handle all electrical components

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Electrical Services in Winnetka, CA

Electrical Automation: We can convert your house into a smart home with wirelessly controlled AC and heating, locks, blinds, and lighting. Security cameras managed from your smartphone can be installed, or we can provide landscape lighting to improve convenience, security, and curb appeal.

Electrical Installation: Installing a switch, outlet, or an electrical appliance or fixture can be tricky. Let us handle the installation and wiring so you don’t risk your safety and all components are installed properly.

Electrical Repairs: Call our electrician in Winnetka to troubleshoot and repair any issue. Our reputation for fast and reliable service stems from our technicians’ ability to get it done right the first time.

Electrical Remodeling: A home remodel requires different skills. When you need an electrician, Express Electrical Services can install wiring, panels, sockets, and other components for projects of any size.

Electrical Wiring & Re-Wiring: Power fluctuations or problems with lights or appliances can indicate a wiring problem. If your wiring is outdated, we’ll replace it; call us right away if you notice any old, worn, or damaged wiring.

Electric Panel: If you notice a problem or realize your breaker panel is old call, we’ll fix it or perform an electric panel upgrade to a 200-amp system.

Circuit Breakers & Fuse Box: An old fuse box should be replaced with circuit breakers. If your breakers keep tripping, can’t be reset, or there’s a mechanical problem, call right away and we’ll make repairs.

Ceiling Fans: We’ll replace your fan or install the mounting and wiring for a new fixture; our team specializes in indoor and outdoor fans and units with lighting.

EV Chargers: An electric vehicle charger can be installed in your garage, and safely connected to your home electrical system by our qualified technicians.

Outlets & Switches & GFCI Outlets: We install standard outlets and switches, or GFCI outlets to protect against shocks and burns in moist, humid areas.

Knob & Tube Upgrades: Wiring installed prior to 1935 is prone to failure and doesn’t handle high loads too well; we’ll safely upgrade your wiring to avoid trouble.

Lighting: From accent lighting to LEDs and recessed lighting, to chandeliers, bathroom/kitchen lighting, and timers and controls, we can meet all your needs, including for landscape and exterior lighting

Home Safety Services

Our Winnetka electrician can also maintain and update your safety at home. We’re licensed to service:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: Protect your family with interconnected and hard-wired alarms, avoiding the unreliability of batteries and the guesswork of self-installation.
  • Security Lighting: Criminals love darkness, but with motion-activated spotlights, they’ll be sent running; security lighting systems also alert you to potential trouble.
  • Whole House Surge Protection: Defends your home against massive voltages from, for example, lightning, and other outside forces, preventing damage, injuries, and fires.

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When you need emergency electrical repair, an electric panel upgrade, or electrical rewiring, our trained, licensed Winnetka electrician will be there to help 24/7. We offer same-day service. If you suspect a problem, call 855-324-5796 and our electrical contractors will inspect, troubleshoot, and fix any issue. You can even request service online!



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