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Express Electrical Services is your highly rated Tarzana electrician serving Los Angeles County. We are full-service electrical contractors who offer everything from minor electric repair services to complete electrical wiring and rewiring services. Our reliable & licensed electricians in Tarzana can conduct a simple electrical outlet installation or complete a new electric car charger installation. You can trust the team at Express Electrical Services where we always put your safety first.

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Your Emergency Electrician in Tarzana

Express Electrical Services is your 24-hour electrician in Tarzana for emergency electrical repairs. Are your lights flickering? Have a breaker that won’t reset? Perhaps you’ve seen sparks or smell an unusual burning odor. When you need a licensed electrician in Tarzana and you need one quickly, count on Express Electrical Services. We are available 24/7 and can usually be onsite within 60 to 90* minutes. Don’t take chances with the safety of your family. Contact Express Electrical Services for any emergency electrical repair.

Your Full-Service Local Electricians

Express Electrical Services is your Tarzana Electrician who can make your home safer,  more efficient and convenient with a full range of residential electrical services.

  • Electrical Automation. Having a “smart” home can save on your electrical costs, make your home safer and make life more convenient. We can put you in more control of your home.
  • Electrical Installation. Our professional team can install a wide range of both interior and exterior electrical products. From ceiling fans to landscape lighting, we are the electrician in Tarzana who can do it all.
  • Electrical Remodeling. Electrical remodeling can make your home brighter and more convenient. Let our professionals show you the latest in LED lighting and “smart” options to update your home.
  • Electrical Re-Wiring. Old wiring can be dangerous. If you notice lights dimming when your AC goes on or lights occasionally flicker, it may be time for to call Express Electrical Services, your Tarzana electrician for a wiring inspection.
  • Electrical Repairs. In many cases, electrical problems can be resolved with simple electrical repairs. No repair is too small or too large for Express Electrical Services.
  • Electrical PanelsHomes can often outgrow or outlast their electrical boxes. If you notice lights flickering or hear a humming or sizzling from your electrical box, it is time to call your Tarzana electrician at Express Electrical Services.
  • EV Chargers and Electric Car Charger Installation. As more consumers choose electric vehicles, home EV chargers are becoming more popular. We are familiar with EV Charger installation and repairs, along with the various charging products available.
  • GFCI Outlet Installation. These grounded outlets are designed to completely eliminate the risk of being shocked when you are using an appliance or tool. They are an excellent choice for areas where water may be present, like your bathroom, kitchen & outdoor outlets.
  • Knob & Tube UpgradesOlder Tarzana homes may still have outdated and potentially dangerous knob and tube installations. Our electricians in Tarzana can help upgrade your knob & tube system with our electrical re-wiring services.
  • Lighting. Improved lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your home’s atmosphereWe will be glad to show you contemporary options.
  • Outlets/Switches. You may be surprised how a few more conveniently located outlets and switches can make your everyday life so much easier. Our local electricians in Tarzana can help install, upgrade, replace or repair your outlets & switches.

Licensed Electricians for Home Safety Services

Our electrical home safety services can not only make your home safer and more secure, they may actually save you on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Our safety services include:

Increase the value of your home while making it safer with our full range of home safety installation services.

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You can count on Express Electrical Services for reliable pricing, quality work and safe installations and electrical repairs. We serve all of Los Angeles County and are available 24/7. We even have financing available. If you are in search of a Tarzana electrician, you can count on us for large or small electrical repairs or installation, contact us today!

Contact Our Same-Day Electrician in Temple City

Express Electrical Services is an electrical company you can depend on 24/7 for installations, repairs, and emergency service. We can be at your door in as little as 60 minutes and pride ourselves on reliability and safety. Rather than risk DIY repairs, call our Los Angeles office at 855-324-5796 for professional electrical service any time, day or night.



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