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Do you know how old fuses are? To give you a good idea – the original patent for the first fuse panel was taken out by Thomas Edison in 1885. Like every other piece of technology, the fuse panel has been upgraded with modern advances over time. However, they haven’t be used in new construction since the early 1960s. At that time, there weren’t very many high-tech appliances in use. Because in this day and age every home is equipped with advanced technology, an old electric panel is just not going to cut it. Express Electrical Services has locations in Los Angeles CountyOrange County & Riverside County to be able to provide fast and reliable services to residents throughout Southern California. If you notice issues with your electrical panel, give us a call! We can troubleshoot your panel and recommend a repair or even completely install a new panel.

Signs Your Fuse Panel Is In Poor Condition

Whether it’s in bad condition or not, as society grows, technology grows and eventually your home will be too powerful for the panel to run the electricity. But, it’s especially important for you to know the warning signs because a faulty service panel is not something to mess with.

If you notice flickering lights or an Arcing, or electric sizzling sound coming from inside the unit, it’s not safe to ignore them. Arcing is a surge in electricity that can send incorrect voltages around your house. This means that appliances you have around your home could not function if they get too little electricity, or overload and become a fire hazard if they get too much. Don’t take the risk.

When you upgrade to a 200 AMP breaker panel, though, you can ensure that your electrical panel box is not only able to handle the power demands of your home but is also much safer. This is especially important if you are installing a new appliance that has a high power demand such as a new refrigerator, air conditioner, or hot tub.



    Benefits Of A New Circuit Breaker Box

    Besides having a circuit breaker that can handle multiple electronic devices at once without overloading, upgrading your service panel has other advantages, as well.

    1. Insurance incentives: Because they are so outdated, insurance companies look at a home with a fuse panel and see an electrical fire just waiting to happen.
    2. Higher resale value: Homes that have a circuit breaker are more appealing to potential buyers
    3. Safety: With an old service panel, you run the risk of a fire in your home

    Knowing all the potential hazards – and the benefits – it’s time to contact our Los Angeles electricians for your service panel upgrade today!

    Electric Panel Upgrade Services

    At Express Electrical Services, our electrical contractors in Los Angeles are able to help with a number of services concerning your electric panel box. These services include:

    If your electrical panel has blown a breaker or fuse, Express Electrical Services can repair or replace the damaged component without having to replace the entire circuit breaker panel.

    If your electric panel is malfunctioning and you are in need of a 24-hour electrician to quickly fix the problem, Express Electrical Services is just one phone call away. Our Los Angeles electricians are available around the clock and will arrive in 60-90 minutes, ensuring that you are able to repair your panel and restore your power as quickly as possible.

    If you are in need of an electrical panel upgrade in order to meet the power demands of your home and eliminate any fire hazards, we are able to help you quickly install your new circuit breaker panel in a way that guaranteed to be safe and function flawlessly.

    Sub-panels are panels that can be added into your home to distribute power to a specific area, adding a level of convenience and efficiency for areas that are located a long distance from the main panel. If you would like to install one or more sub-panels in your Southern California home, our electricians in Los Angeles can help

    If your panel is worn out and needs to be replaced, we can help you choose a 200 AMP panel that is best for your home and complete the replacement process in little time at all.

    Home renovations require a circuit breaker box to be relocated to somewhere else in the home. If you need to move your electrical panel, we can help you place your panel anywhere in your home that you want.

    Why Choose Express Electrical Services?

    If you are in need of a Los Angeles electrician to help you with any electric panel upgrades or repairs, you can count on the experts at Express Electrical Services. Our Los Angeles electricians are all highly trained, are available 24/7, respond in 60-90* minutes, and service all of Southern California. Best of all, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that is backed by 25 years of experience in the industry as well as a fix it now and pay later program on approved credit.

    To learn more about our electrical panel upgrade services, we invite you to contact us today as well as browse through our coupons to see what discounts we have available.

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