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Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers Installations, Repairs & Replacements in Los Angeles, CA

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Today, electric vehicles (EV) are all the rage in the automotive industry, offering unparalleled fuel economy, a quiet, comfortable ride, and, in some cases, even more power than their gas-burning counterparts.

If you buy an electric vehicle, though, you’re going to need a way to charge it. Electric vehicle charging is by far the biggest challenge to overcome when you own an electric vehicle, and with electric car charging station costs going through the roof, many owners are choosing to install their own EV charging stations. If you would like to have the ability to charge your electric vehicle from your own Southern California home, Express Electrical Services is able to help with the electric car charging station installation process.

Different Types of EV Chargers

When it comes time to charge your electric vehicle, you’ve got three different options: level 1 charging, a level 2 charger, or DC fast charging. The first step in your EV charging stations installation process is deciding which charging method is best for you, so we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each one.

Which EV Charger Do I Need?

Given the cost and power demands of DC fast charging, most people will have either level 1 charging or level 2 charging to choose from. If you don’t do a lot of driving and can afford to charge your vehicle at an incredibly slow pace, level 1 charging can be an adequate solution. For most EV owners, though, level 2 charging is the most practical option.

Another important factor to consider when making your selection is the fact that the state of California is offering rebates on level 2 EV charging stations that are installed in homes and businesses.

How Express Electrical Services Can Help With Your EV Charger Installation, Repair or Replacement

Installing a level 2 charger is a highly technical process, and if you do it wrong, it could present a fire or electric shock hazard. With this being the case, it’s best to trust an experienced Los Angeles electrician with the installation of your level 2 EV charger.

At Express Electrical Services, we’re experts at EV charger installation, offering 24/7 availability, a 60-90* minute response time, and a quality guarantee that is backed by our 25 years of experience. To make the entire process even more affordable, we also offer a fix now pay later program on approved credit.

If you are searching for an electrician in Los Angeles to help you with your electric car charger installation, we invite you to contact us today or browse our available coupons to see what discounts are available.

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