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We offer a wide range of electrical services to residents throughout Southern California. Browse our services listed, and please contact our Los Angeles electricians to see how we can help!
Express Electrical Services has three conveniently located offices in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Riverside. These strategic locations allow us to provide same-day service and respond to emergencies. You can reach us 24/7, and a crew will arrive at your home in 60-90 minutes to fix the problem and restore your safety.

Our Los Angeles Electrical Services

Whether you need an L.A. electrician on short notice or want to schedule service, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures you benefit from high-quality:

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Electrical Automation

Home automation can help improve home security, your day-to-day convenience, and the curb appeal of your home. Our L.A. electricians can help modernize your property with home automation services like connected AC, heating, lighting, door locks, and entertainment systems.

Electrical Installation

Building a home? You can count on Express Electrical Services to install wiring, components, and fixtures to bring electricity into your new house. We help with everything from standard wiring projects to wiring smart devices and electrical automation systems.

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Electric Panel Upgrade

Whether your current electrical panel is worn out or can’t handle the power demands of your home, we can provide an electrical panel upgrade to remedy the problem. We’ll ensure your new circuit breaker box functions and handles the electrical load in your home flawlessly.

Electrical Remodeling

Whether you’re renovating your house or want to upgrade to a more modern electrical system, the Los Angeles electricians at Express Electrical Services can help. We’ll work to remodel your home’s electrical wiring to accommodate any renovation.

Electrical Repairs

If you need an emergency electrician for a quick electrical repair, we are ready to help. Our 24 hour electrician respond to calls in 60-90 minutes, working to always address any electrical issue as quickly as possible.

Electrical Rewiring

Sometimes, the wiring in old houses needs to be replaced. If you need to update the wiring in your Southern California home, or you need electrical wiring repair services, we’ll work to get the job done as quickly and affordably as possible.

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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, increased lighting, and enhanced decor. Our Southern California and L.A. electricians can help with your residential ceiling fan repair. We can even re-wire the circuit and install a new ceiling fan.

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EV Chargers

Own an electronic vehicle? Express Electrical Services provides electric vehicle (EV) charger installation so you can charge it at home. Our electricians can also help you decide which EV charger is best for your home & car.



Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFIs) are outlets designed to prevent electric shock. If you have an outlet in a high moisture area that is not a GFI and are concerned about the potential risk, our GFI outlet installers can replace your current outlets with safer alternatives.

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Knob and Tube Upgrades

Many older homes have knob and tube wiring. It presents a fire hazard, risks dangerous electrical overloads, and can increase your home insurance premium. Express Electrical Services can upgrade your knob and tube wiring to a more modern, safer alternative.


If you are installing new interior or exterior lighting, you can trust Express Electrical Services to ensure it looks and functions flawlessly. Simply tell our L.A. electricians where you want your lighting to go and we will bring your vision to life.

Outlets and Switches

Our electric outlet installation services include GFCI outlet installation, replacing two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets, upgrading your switches, and more. If the outlets and switches in your home are outdated and need to be replaced, give us a call or request an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know I Need Los Angeles Electrician Services?

Definitely call us if your home electrical system hasn’t been inspected in years or it’s outdated. Flickering lights, frequently tripping breakers, buzzing sounds, burning odors, frayed wires, loose outlets, sparks, and shocks are other reasons to call an emergency electrician.

Can I Change an Outlet or Switch Myself?

Only attempt it if you have experience. The power must be cut at the circuit breaker and each wire must connect to a specific location. Our L.A. area electricians can look for faulty wiring and other issues you might miss, which can lead to costly repairs and put the safety of your household at risk.

When Should I Update My Home Wiring?

Aside from knob and tube wiring that doesn’t meet today’s standards, you should consider updating aluminum wiring. Installed between 1965 and 1973, it can present a fire hazard as it degrades. Copper wiring is more durable and resistant to temperature extremes.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Circuit Breaker?

Identify the affected breaker; then unplug electronics from the circuit and reset the switch. Call for help if a breaker won’t reset or trips soon after the power is restored. An L.A. electrician can test the breaker and its wiring to determine if there’s an overload, faulty wire, mechanical problem, or damaged electrical panel.

What Type of Electrical Service Should I Have?

Residential service panels come in 100-amp, 200-amp, and 400-amp capacities. We recommend at least a 200-amp panel that can power your entire home, including air conditioners, dishwashers, jacuzzis, and other appliances without an overload.

Do I Need an Electrician to Install Home Automation Equipment?

Home automation comes in many forms. While you can plug a digital assistant into a Wi-Fi network, more advanced equipment such as security systems, sensors, and controllers require complex wiring work only a trained and experienced electrician should perform.

Why Choose Our Southern California Electricians

If you need the help of a Los Angeles electrician, you can count on the experts at Express Electrical Services. We’re the go-to contractor for everyone in Southern California. Whether you need a 24-hour L.A. electrician for a quick repair or a whole team of electricians to wire up a new house, you’ve come to the right place.

Our trained technicians have been serving the region since 1982. We have offices in Los Angeles, Santa Ana & Riverside to provide fast, 24/7 same-day electrical services. We guarantee a 60-90 minute response time on most emergency service calls. To learn more about our Los Angeles electrical services, contact us today or browse our coupons to see our latest discounts.