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Express Electrical Services is the top electrical company serving South El Monte, a city of roughly 20,000 in the San Gabriel Valley. South El Monte is situated between the I-10 and I-605 Freeways and is located near the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, a park with various hiking trials and a nature center, and the Whittier Narrows Golf Course. It is located approximate 13 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles.

#1 Emergency Electrician in South El Monte

Our trained electricians have been serving the area since 1982. Customers can therefore expect professional same-day service, and our 24-hour electrician can be there quickly when you have a power surge or outage or notice signs of faulty wiring such as flickering lights, scorched outlets, sparking electrical panels, burning plastic odors, or buzzing from a panel/outlet. Our local electricians are trained to deal with these issues quickly.

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Electrical Services Offered

We can send our electrician in South El Monte to address:

Express Electrical Services can make your home more secure with security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. Remote control of lights, blinds, air conditioning, and more is possible as well, while we can automate your landscape lighting. Smart homes are more energy efficient, convenient, secure, and cost-effective.

Whether you need lighting, wiring, or appliances installed, the dedicated professionals at Express Electrical Services can get it done quickly and safely. We do carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation as well. And if you need assistance with electrical panel installation/upgrades, outlets and switches, an HVAC unit, or an EV charger, don’t hesitate to call.

We can help remodel your home with the latest in lighting design. LED lighting, advanced lighting controls, and lighting automation can save energy and help set the mood. No matter what electrical updates your home needs, Express Electrical Services is here to help and ensure that your home is safe, fully functional, and free of any hassles. After all, we’re committed to 100% satisfaction.

Re-wiring can eliminate electrical troubles and provide an update from potentially dangerous setups often seen in older homes. We’ll evaluate your electrical demands and the condition of your electrical system. Permitting, inspections, and code-compliance are managed by the team of licensed professionals at Express Electrical Services.

Our technicians are available 24/7 in case you have an electrical emergency. Whether the problem is tripped circuit breakers, a power outage or surge, dimming/flickering lights, buzzing outlets, burning odors, or a faulty electrical panel, we’re equipped to troubleshoot the issue and fix it, fast. Our electricians respond in 60 to 90 minutes and stay on the job no matter how long it takes.

Installing a new circuit breaker panel is a good idea if your home still uses fuses or you notice signs of a faulty unit, such as flickering lights, arcing, or sizzling noises from the panel. You may need a newer 200-amp panel to meet high power demands. Whatever the case, Express Electrical Services can recommend and install a panel that can improve function, safety, home resale value, and insurability.

circuit breaker can become defective but should be replaced only by a professional with the right training and tools. Fuse boxes may be serviced but upgraded if they don’t meet current electrical demands.

Our local electricians are also experienced installing ceiling fans and EV chargers, or GFCI outlets to boost safety in bathrooms, outdoors, and other places where there’s moisture. Old homes with knob and tube wiring should be upgraded as soon as possible, while our electricians in South El Monte can install interior and exterior lighting, chandeliers, dimmers, and timers.

Home Safety Services

Our safety expertise includes installing carbon monoxide detectors to ensure your family is protected. They can be interconnected with smoke detectors, while all can be hardwired to your electrical system, with battery backup, to ensure they’re always active. We can also install security lighting to protect your home from burglars and whole house surge protection to block stray surges of current from doing serious damage.

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Offering same day and emergency service, Express Electrical Services is the South El Monte electrician you can trust for installation, repairs, and remodel work. Request service online or call (855) 220-1307 to speak to our electrician and explain your problem or project requirements



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