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708, 2019

How Outdated Appliances Can Affect Your Home

Outdated electrical panels, circuit breakers, and wiring can affect your home’s function, value, and safety. Outdated appliances pose a significant risk as well, especially when combined with an older electrical infrastructure. Simple electric repairs might not be enough; you may need to replace appliances as quickly as possible. Electrical issues are among the most common causes of house [...]

2407, 2019

What Is A Smart Home?

The concept of the smart home has proliferated in today’s households. In a general sense, smart homes have a number of automated devices and systems, whether they’re built into the structure or added later. Some have artificial intelligence. There are also voice activated systems that constitute smart devices. Smart home systems can integrate televisions, appliances, computers, cameras, speakers, [...]

1807, 2019

Why Is My Circuit Breaker Important?

The circuit breaker is one of the most important home safety devices. Typically, an electrical box contains a main breaker for your entire house and rows of branch circuit breakers, each connected to individual circuits. Each breaker works the same way. The difference is the main circuit breaker can handle a larger amperage; modern residential devices may be [...]

1007, 2019

Why Your Electrician Should Be Licensed

Electrical work should always be left to a professional. Whether you have flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, or foul odors or other signs of faulty wires and electrical components, you must find not just someone experienced with electrical service, but someone who is also licensed. Any electrician near you with a license will have the proper training and [...]

307, 2019

Benefits of An Emergency Electrician

Homeowners throughout Southern California depend on Express Electrical Services for emergency electrical repairs. Even if electrical problems don’t happen often in your home, you never know when you might need an emergency electrician. Fixing a power surge, flickering light, buzzing outlet, or junction box on your own can be very dangerous; you risk serious injury, including electric shocks [...]

2706, 2019

Why Circuit Breakers Trip

A circuit breaker is designed to cut the flow of electricity and is thus essential to home safety. This switching device will cut the power, or trip, if too much electricity is flowing through a circuit or an excess current load is too much for it to handle. Turning off the electricity can prevent a lot of damage. [...]

1806, 2019

Our Home Safety Services

Every year, over 18,000 people die from home-related injuries in the U.S. Millions more are injured. However, safety-related deaths and injuries are often preventable. While our 24/7 emergency electrical repairs can keep you protected, a range of home safety services are available to our customers in Southern California. Protect yourself and your family by allowing our licensed and [...]

1306, 2019

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Home

LED lighting technology is quickly replacing traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. An LED, or light emitting diode, is more efficient than filaments and other components of older light bulbs. Here are a few reasons to consider installing LED lights in your home or business. Efficiency A conventional bulb converts only 20% of its energy into light. The [...]