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901, 2020

The Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician

An electrical contractor and electrician have different roles. The differences may not be obvious to a layperson but are clearly defined by the National Electrical Contractors Association. While an electrician may physically come to your home to perform electrical work, an electrical contractor can be a business person or firm specializing in construction work involving the design, installation, [...]

3112, 2019

New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your Electrical System

New Year’s resolutions don’t necessarily have to be about quitting smoking or weight loss. Saving money and conserving resources is an enticing motivator as well. Taking a quick inventory of your home’s basic functions can reveal some simple fixes that can save you major bucks this new year.  Professional electricians recommend that homeowners conduct a yearly electrical inspection [...]

312, 2019

How to Avoid an Electrical Overload

The typical home has many power-hungry appliances, including refrigerators, hair dryers, electric heaters, air conditioners, TVs, and not to mention lights that can easily put a circuit over the limit. Add on holiday lights and decorations and everything can suddenly go out. If your electrical system is properly installed, an overload shouldn’t cause much damage. Circuit breakers in [...]

1911, 2019

Why Wireless Home Automation Is a Convenience

Wireless home automation increases functionality, energy efficiency, and safety. It is also a convenience that cannot be overstated. Home automation systems connect different devices and gadgets so you can, for example, set smart locks to turn on lighting or air conditioners from anywhere. You can also control appliances such as refrigerators, monitor security camera video feeds, or get [...]

1211, 2019

Innovations in Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan was invented in 1882 but was mainly a commercial product at the time. Their popularity ebbed and flowed throughout the 1900s and ceiling fans were mainly of Victorian style just 25 years ago. By the 1980s, fans with self-cooling motors and less-wobbly blades came about. Today’s ceiling fans are just as varied in style as [...]

511, 2019

The Importance of Rewiring Your Home

Old wiring, at worst, can present a serious threat to your home and family; at best, it can reduce your home’s function and value. Rewiring your home can be a complex, and expensive, undertaking. However, it can pay off in many ways. By enlisting a local electrician to inspect and replace your home wiring when necessary, you can: [...]

2910, 2019

High-Tech Holiday Lighting Ideas

The holiday season is a time for celebrating, gathering, and brightening things up. If you’re still searching for ideas on holiday lighting, here are some high-tech solutions. It is now easier than ever to incorporate holiday lights with smart home technologies. From conserving electricity to inspiring creativity, these high-tech holiday lighting ideas are worth considering: LED String Lights [...]