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503, 2020

Benefits of Level 2 Charging

As electric vehicle charging has become mainstream, it’s not uncommon to see EV owners plugging in before getting on the road. However, the differences between Level 1 and Level 2 charging may be unfamiliar to newcomers. But with electric cars growing in popularity, it’s important to understand the advantages of Level 2 chargers and charging stations. Level 1 [...]

2002, 2020

Are USB Outlets Worth It?

When USB was introduced in 1996, it was intended to make attaching computer peripherals easier. It quickly replaced serial and parallel connectors and has remained basically the same. And, USB technology will be around for a while. A USB outlet is, therefore, worth it because you can plug in electrical fixtures and devices without drawing more power or [...]

2201, 2020

Energy Saving Tips For Your Business

Slowly but surely people are waking up to the revelation that energy is a precious and costly resource and should be conserved whenever possible. This is especially the case for business owners. According to Energy Star, a government-backed organization specializing in energy efficiency, small businesses spend upwards of $60 billion annually on energy. Even minor adjustments and tweaks [...]