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We are the #1 emergency electrical services provider in Rosemead, California, a San Gabriel Valley community in Los Angeles County. Rosemead’s population stands at about 54,000. Historical points of interest include the Dinsmoor Heritage House, the Marinelli Stadium, and the Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. The Rosemead Aquatic Center and Garvey Aquatic Center provide recreational facilities, while shopping areas include Diamond Square Shopping Center and the Montebello Town Center, which lies within the city limits

Express Electrical Services: A Trusted 24-Hour Electrician

We offer same-day electrical services in your area and are open 24/7. You can call our emergency electrician day or night for any type of problem. Flickering or dimming lights, power surges, and brief outages or circuit breaker trips may not seem like that big a deal. However, they can signal hidden issues, so contact our Rosemead electrician for help and if you experience signs of an electrical overload, faulty wiring, burning odors, sparking, buzzing outlets, or anything else unusual

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Electrical Services

Express Electrical Services is a local electrical company to trust for just about anything. We can help with electrical automation to boost home security and enable remote control of lighting, air conditioning, door locks, blinds, landscape lighting and more. Our local electricians are trained to understand the needs of the modern smart home and manage any type of installation, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

When you need electrical repair, our electrical contractors can address lighting issues, damaged cords, or problems with an electrical panel. Whatever the cause, attempting a DIY fix can put you in danger of shocks, burns, serious injuries, and even death. Our electric company troubleshoots and fixes problems quickly. Even if you’re remodeling, we can help install all the electrical components and fixtures you need, including LED lighting and advanced controls.

Our licensed electrician is experienced in the following areas:

We’ll run new wiring and replace worn/damaged wires. If you have old aluminum wiring or knob and tube configurations, they should be replaced to avoid house fires and bring your home up to code. We provide electrical panel upgrades, replace fuse boxes, and install GFCI outlets to prevent shocks and burns where electrical devices might contact moisture. In addition, our team is experienced in lighting design, and can install accent lighting; kitchen, garage, or bathroom lighting; and even fixtures such as chandeliers. You can even rely on our Rosemead electrician for specialty installation such as ceiling fans and EV chargers

Home Safety Services

Our certified electrical contractors are fully aware of the home safety requirements in Southern California; therefore, you can find an electrician near you to install and service:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: An invisible, odorless gas, CO2 kills, but an alarm in the proper location can alert you when to get out.
  • Smoke Detectors: Smoke and fire affect far too many homes; an early warning can prompt you to address an issue early or evacuate and save your family.

Local electricians can further improve your safety by hard-wiring your alarms, reducing dependence on batteries, and interconnecting them to ensure everyone sufficient warning.

  • Security Lighting: Flood lights, motion sensors, and digital timers can be installed to ensure your home remains protected from the outside, and that criminals don’t have convenient hiding places.
  • Whole House Surge Protection: Protects your home, appliances, lighting, and other electronics from powerful surges that enter you home from lighting strikes and other outside forces.
Call Our Dedicated Electrician in Rosemead

Express Electrical Services is available 24/7 for same-day service, so you can reach us any time. When you need an emergency electrician, we are there quickly, in 60-90 minutes, to troubleshoot and fix any problem. Call 855-590-8785 now or schedule a visit online for a prompt response and fast service.



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