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Express Electrical Services has served Los Angeles County for more than 25 years. South Gate customers depend on our trained, qualified, and licensed local electricians to fix various electrical issues, ranging from flickering lights to power outages. Our South Gate electricians can be there within 60-90* minutes in an emergency, and homeowners also depend on us for EV charger installations, electrical upgrades, and more.

A highly rated residential electrician available 24/7 to for all emergencies.

From the 710 to S. Alameda St., or if you live near Long Beach Boulevard or California Avenue, an experienced electrician is available to help. For more information on our electrical, safety, and interior and exterior lighting services, read on to learn about what our professional technicians can offer.

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Residential Electrical Services in South Gate

Depend on our electricians to automate your home so you save financially and conserve energy. Customers can also benefit from data/voice control and improve safety and security.

A South Gate electrician can install electrical panels and outlets and address your lighting needs in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Does anything seem awry? Call us to have a licensed electrician check the source of sparking, smells, or outages.

Want a new lighting automation system? Do LED recessed lighting or advanced controls tempt you? Have our experts install modernized systems in compliance with local law and enjoy the benefits of modern luxury lighting. Learn more about how we can help you with your electrical remodeling.

An electrician in Los Angeles or South Gate is needed to re-wire your home safely. A professional has the experience and training to service your ground fault interrupter circuits (GFCIs), switches, outlets, dimmers, electrical panel, appliance wiring, cable and meter socket, and fuse box.

Even if some old fuses are still in service, that doesn’t mean they can hold up long in today’s high-tech demands. Sizzling sounds from the unit, electrical surges, or flickering lights are signs you should upgrade to a 200 amp breaker.


Even if some old fuses are still in service, that doesn’t mean they can hold up long in today’s high-tech demands. Sizzling sounds from the unit, electrical surges, or flickering lights are signs you should upgrade to a 200 amp breaker.

Electric vehicles dominate the roads in Los Angeles County. Call us and a South Gate electrician can install an EV charging station outside your home, so you don’t have to pay the costs of using ones elsewhere.

Electrical Component Installation and Replacement

You can depend on an electrician in South Gate to install and replace important parts of your home’s electrical system. These include GFCI electrical outlets to protect against electric shock. Any outlet or switch that is old, worn out, or not designed to today’s safety standards can easily be replaced by a licensed electrician.

If you have old knobs and tubes not designed to handle your central air conditioners, desktop computers, or jacuzzi, an electrician will install modern components that are grounded, have a higher capacity, and resist damage for many years. An electrical panel upgrade can go a long way in protecting your safety

Home Safety Services in South Gate

A residential electrician is always available to address your safety needs. Tragedy can result if your safety systems are outdated or absent, but our professionals can avoid trouble before it happens by installing:

An electrician can determine if the unit is working, troubleshoot any issues, and replace your CO detector right away if necessary. Most of them last about 5 to 7 years; replacing old detectors will protect you and your family.

Proper security lighting must not only be present but strategically placed. A floodlight can startle and even temporarily blind intruders. Our local South Gate electricians can examine your home to determine areas that need lighting and install two-headed floodlights with motion detectors.

Our electricians can install hard-wired smoke detectors that are more reliable than battery-operated units. Your home is always protected. and you can always call an electrician in Los Angeles or South Gate to troubleshoot or service your smoke detector.


The electrical demands of today’s households make surge protection all that more critical. Protecting your home from irreparable damage, it enables you to use devices with peace of mind.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Services in South Gate, CA

Express Electrical Services can assist you with your interior & exterior lighting systems.

  • Interior Lighting – We install and service accent, ceiling fan, chandelier, recessed, and LED lighting as well as lighting controls, dimmers, and timers.

  • Exterior Lighting – Call for an electrician to light up your landscape, accent exterior objects, and spaces, and install pool lighting. We also install transformers and motion sensors.

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Express Electrical Services is highly rated for customer service and its reasonable, reliable prices. Serving all of Los Angeles County, including South Gate, we can install, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, or replace any electrical component or fixture, and provide emergency service within 60-90* minutes.

Contact us today for more information about our servicesfinancing, and available specials and coupons.



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