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Installation, Repair, and Emergency Services from Licensed Hollywood Electricians

At Express Electrical Services, our team of highly trained, state-certified technicians are equipped to take on any job. It takes experience to get it right. Our team has years of experience in their field and the parts and tools needed to fix any electrical problem on the spot. Whether you need an emergency electrician or a pro for a home rewiring and remodeling project, give us a call. We work with customers throughout Hollywood and the Los Angeles area to ensure their homes are safe, functional, and efficient.

We Can Help With Any Electrical Need

Express Electrical Services has been serving the area since 1982 and customers keep coming back to us for:

  • Well-trained and Knowledgeable Electricians
  • Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees
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Our Hollywood electricians handle all types of jobs on a daily basis. No matter the electrical problem you’re having or whatever it takes to update your home or make it safe, they can achieve results that exceed your expectations. You can depend on our company for:

Emergency Electrical Services

Available 24/7, we can reach your home in 60 to 90 minutes to resolve any urgent situation. Electrical emergencies include flickering lights, hot outlets, a buzzing panel, power outage, burning odor, frayed wire, or an electrical shock. Our certified emergency electricians in Hollywood can repair or replace equipment to restore your safety and peace of mind. Prompt response times mean we won’t let the issue escalate into something more serious.

Electrical Installation

The average person doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, or tools to safely install an electrical component or appliance. Our technicians can handle the most complex installation jobs and wiring tasks. Whether in your home or outdoors, they can set up an electrical fixture and help plan your project so there are no surprises. Our installers will also test new equipment to ensure it’s fully functional.

Electrical Remodeling

Remodeling a house can involve a lot of electrical work. Our Hollywood electricians are skilled at lighting design, re-wiring, and panel upgrades. They can obtain a permit for the remodeling job and specialize in techniques that avoid having to break down every wall. From considering the size of your home to choosing the best materials, our team will cover every detail.

Electrical Automation

Setting up a wireless home automation system requires an experienced professional. We can connect air conditioners, heating systems, blinds, door locks, and lighting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other technologies. Our electrical automation services can give you complete control of your home via your smartphone, including your home security system and landscape lighting.

Home Safety Services

Whether you need help with carbon monoxide or smoke detector installation, security lighting design and installation (including sensors, timers, etc.), or whole house surge protection, we provide the electrical service in Hollywood that ensures your home is secure. The proper equipment ensures your household is protected from threats that originate inside and outside your home.

We Install/Fix All Types of Electrical Components

The licensed technicians at Express Electrical Services install and repair all types of electrical parts and components. They quickly help with any electrical need, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Our team specializes in helping customers throughout Hollywood with:

  • Re-Wiring: We’re known for our high-quality knob-and-tube upgrades and for replacing outdated and worn-out cloth-insulated or aluminum wiring. If you have ungrounded wiring, experience tingling or shocks when using appliances, or rely on extension cords, call Express Electrical Services for help.
  • Electrical Panels: The breaker panel distributes power to every circuit in your home. If it’s outdated, the number of devices you can use will be limited. Our licensed professionals specialize in electrical panel replacement to resolve any issues you’re having.
  • Circuit Breakers: Faulty breakers must be replaced to restore the protection they provide against overloads and overheating. Our electricians in Hollywood select a new breaker that’s the same size and voltage and are careful to avoid being injured.
  • Outlets/Switches: A bad outlet or switch is a shock and fire hazard. If you have two-prong outlets, builders-grade outlets, or signs of a bad outlet/switch such as burn marks, a melted faceplate, smoke, or visible damage, call and we’ll quickly replace it.
  • Ceiling Fans: Mounting a ceiling fan and running electrical wiring to power it requires an electrician. We help select the right type and style of fan, whether you need it installed indoors or outdoors. Our Hollywood electricians can also troubleshoot and repair your fan.
  • Lighting: In addition to indoor and outdoor lighting installation, we specialize in lighting design, which involves determining the precise placement and intensity of fixtures. We install and repair kitchen/bathroom lighting, LED lighting, chandeliers, flood lights, spotlights, and recessed lights, as well as dimmers, timers, and motion sensors.
  • EV Chargers: A skilled electrician can easily install a Level 2 EV charger, but the job often requires updating your wiring or electrical panel. Our technicians avoid mistakes that can cause damage or injury and we also specialize in EV charger maintenance and repair.

Call for Electrical Service in Hollywood Today

Whether you need a skilled professional for electrical installation or repair, Express Electrical Services can help. We’re available 24/7, and our certified Hollywood electricians can handle any job, big or small. From electrical emergencies to minor repairs to re-wiring and upgrades, our team has helped improve the safety, function, and efficiency of homes throughout Southern California. Prompt service, specials, and financing reinforce our commitment to help you save.

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