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Licensed Electrician in Los Angeles County: We’re Available 24/7 and Respond in 60 to 90 Minutes

If you’re searching for an electrician in Los Angeles County, look no further than Express Electrical Services. Our highly-trained, certified, and licensed electricians are available 24/7 for any electrical emergency and are among the most highly rated in the area. Whether you need a quick electrical repair or a team of electrical contractors to help with projects ranging from home automation to an electric panel upgrade, Express Electrical Services can help.

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Electrician

Electrical work is inherently dangerous and requires skills, tools, and materials the average person doesn’t have. Our Los Angeles electricians have years of training and are fully licensed and certified to handle any type of electrical project. Without an experienced electrician, you risk causing extensive damage or even a fire or being shocked, burned, or electrocuted. One mistake can lead to costly repairs or violate building codes.

Hiring a licensed electrician in Los Angeles County is beneficial because they:

  • Are trained in all types of electrical installation and repair.
  • Follow all required safety precautions and protocols.
  • Obtain permits and ensure all work is inspected.
  • Have liability insurance should something go wrong.
  • Avoid wasting your time and money.

Comprehensive Electrical Services in Los Angeles County

Our electricians are proud to offer a wide range of residential electrical services to ensure all your home’s electrical needs are met. They troubleshoot any issue and provide electrical repairs in residential and commercial properties. Whether working with a new construction or renovation, they can complete any electrical installation or upgrade and also provide updates for older properties.

Call if you experience any signs of an electrical emergency, including an electric shock, burning odor, scorched outlets, a loose or dead outlet, flickering or dimming lights, or the power has gone out.

However, not every situation is an emergency. You can count on our experienced electricians in Los Angeles County to help with the following services:

  • Electrical automation – If you would like to install a smart home automation system that offers a wide range of conveniences and benefits, Express Electrical Services can help. We can connect air conditioning and heating systems, door locks, blinds, lighting, and more via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other technologies.
  • Electrical installation – No matter what electrical appliance you would like to install in your home, our Los Angeles Electricians will make sure the job is done quickly and correctly. They install ceiling fans, attic fans, HVAC units, and more.
  • Electrical Remodeling – At Express Electrical Services, we specialize in helping homeowners remodel their existing electrical systems to be safer and more convenient; we can also help an update coincide with additional remodels to a home. We handle permitting and all the paperwork to ensure the job is done safely and doesn’t result in a fine.
  • Electrical rewiring – If the electrical wiring in your home needs to be replaced, our wiring experts can help. We recommend electrical rewiring if your home was built before 1950 or was renovated in the 1960s or 1970s. Cloth-insulated and aluminum wiring are fire hazards.
  • Electrical repairs – Having part of your electrical system malfunction is never convenient and may be dangerous. Thankfully, at Express Electrical Services, we are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and can reach your home in 60-90 minutes.
  • Electrical panels – If you live in an older home, an outdated electrical panel may need to be replaced. Upgrading your electric panel box can increase your home’s electrical capacity to support higher-power appliances, increase safety, and improve energy efficiency. Express Electrical Services will be able to help you choose and install the correct electric panel box.
  • EV chargers – Owners of electric vehicles can save a lot of time and money by installing an EV charger in their garage, and Express Electrical Services can help with the electric car charger installation process. We install Level 2 chargers, provide any necessary electrical upgrades to support one, and obtain a permit. Our team also provides EV charger repair and maintenance services.
  • GFCI/GFI outlets – GFCI outlets (also known as GFI outlets) are shock-proof outlets that increase safety when using an appliance near water, such as outdoors or in a kitchen or bathroom. If you would like to eliminate the risk of electric shock, Express Electrical Services can help with the GFCI outlet installation.
  • Knob and tube upgrades – Older homes are often outfitted with a knob and tube electrical system. However, upgrading it to a more modern one will make your home much safer. It also increases capacity, eliminates poor insulation, and can make your home insurable.
  • Lighting – Whether you would like to install outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, or anything in between, Express Electrical Services can help. Our lighting design experts can determine the best fixtures, placement, and intensity of lighting, which can improve the mood and value of your home.
  • Outlets/Switches – If you would like to replace the electrical outlets or switches in your home, Express Electrical Services can help with electric outlet installation. Contact us if an outlet/switch isn’t working, you still have two-prong outlets, or an outlet has no power, is burnt, cracked, chipped, smoking, or sparking. Loose plugs or a connected light that flickers are also signs you need a professional.

Home Safety Services

At Express Electrical Services, we are dedicated to helping make your home safer through services such as smoke detector installation, surge protection, and more. Our home safety services include:

  • Carbon monoxide detectors – Our Los Angeles County Electricians can help install a carbon monoxide alarm to protect you from this deadly and difficult-to-detect gas.
  • Security lighting – Keep would-be intruders at bay with security lighting installed by Express Electrical Services.
  • Smoke detectors – We can help install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector to keep you safe in an emergency.
  • Whole house surge protection – Keep your expensive appliances safe from electrical surges through whole house surge protection.

Why Choose Express Electrical Services

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Avalon, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Chatsworth, Compton, Diamond Bar, Glendale, Hollywood, Lancaster, Long Beach, Malibu, Northridge, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, or anywhere else in Los Angeles County, Express Electrical Services is the best electrical company to handle your needs. We are:

  • Reliable: Our Los Angeles electricians are licensed, insured, and certified, as well as prompt, professional, courteous, and respectful of your home. They arrive equipped to complete the job quickly and get it right the first time.
  • Experienced: Our team has a track record of handling various electrical projects. They can anticipate any unforeseen issue and are trained in installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of electrical parts and components.
  • Honest with Pricing: Every job includes transparent pricing and upfront estimates with no hidden charges. You won’t face any surprises when you receive the bill.
  • Great at Problem Solving: Electrical issues can have various sources, but our team can quickly and efficiently evaluate the situation. Their problem-solving capabilities enable them to accurately troubleshoot and diagnose an electrical problem no matter its size, scope, or location.
  • Up to Date: Our electricians in Los Angeles County use high-quality materials and advanced equipment to troubleshoot, install, repair, and test your electrical system, its components, and anything connected to it. This allows us to be as thorough, timely, and dependable as possible. The results we achieve and our customers’ satisfaction prove we’re the right electrical contractor for your needs.

In addition, we comply with all building codes and safety standards. Los Angeles County has some of the strictest electrical codes and regulations in the country. All our professionals prioritize safety as working with electricity can result in fires, shocks, burns, and electrocution if any wire or component is mishandled. At Express Electrical Services, we follow every known safety protocol to protect our customers and team.

How Much Does an Electrician Charge?

The cost of electrical service depends on the type of equipment installed and the size and scope of a repair. A contractor’s labor rate also impacts the cost of service. At Express Electrical Services, we provide honest and upfront quotes before starting any project.

Do I Need an Electrician?

Electricians must be fully licensed in California, which requires years of training and on-the-job experience. They use advanced tools, materials, and equipment and are familiar with the latest electrical products; they also wear personal protective gear while working.

When Should I Call an Electrician?

You should contact an electrician whenever anything isn’t right with your electrical system. The smallest issue can point to a hidden problem that can quickly escalate. Electricians also provide upgrades, inspections, and help with home safety and automation technologies.

Contact Express Electrical Services

At Express Electrical Services, we’re proud to serve all of Los Angeles County while offering some of the lowest prices and highest-rated service in the area. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and providing reliable electrical solutions that improve the safety, function, and comfort of your home. Our financing options make payment a breeze, and our 60-90* minute response time is second to none. For help with any electrical installation, repair, or update from experienced electricians in Los Angeles County, contact us online or call (323) 727-7799 today.


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