Outdoor Electrical Installations in Los Angeles

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Professional Electricians for Outdoor Outlet, Lighting, Pool Pump, Spa, and Jacuzzi Tub Wiring

Outdoor electrical systems require technical expertise to design and install. There are more safety requirements to consider, as outdoor lighting, fixtures, and wiring are constantly exposed to the elements. Express Electrical Services employs licensed technicians trained to provide high-quality outdoor electrical installation services, whether the job entails wiring a pool pump, spa, or jacuzzi or knowing how to install electric power to outdoor landscaping.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet Installation

More homeowners than ever are relying on the use of electricity outdoors. The availability of electrical outlets is undeniably a benefit and avoids resorting to extension cords and other unsafe measures. We safely install outdoor outlets and ensure they’re protected against water, moisture, and the elements. Our team installs watertight, covered outlets; per the National Electrical Code, all outdoor receptacles we install are ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Swimming Pool Wiring

Wiring an above-ground pool or installing inground pool wiring should be handled by a trained professional. Whether wiring a pool pump or installing pool light wiring, the team at Express Electrical Services delivers high-quality workmanship and ensures your swimming pool will be functional for many years. They’re familiar with the latest technologies and requirements, so ensure there aren’t any safety issues related to the installation or placement of wiring components.

Spa Wiring Installation

Our master electricians can hard-wire a spa, which is required if it uses more than 15 amps. They are experienced with wiring a spa GFCI panel that can handle the power load and ensure safety at all times. Installing spa wiring isn’t an easy task that anyone can do. But if you’re looking to add luxury and value to your home, the professionals at Express Electrical Services can help you achieve your goals. They’ll ensure your spa is completely safe and fully functional.

Jacuzzi Tub Wiring Installation

The average homeowner doesn’t have the knowledge to work with a jacuzzi hot tub wiring diagram. There are complexities whether making a 120-volt connection to a wall outlet or a higher-power 240-volt connection to the main panel. Most jacuzzi tubs require a dedicated circuit. Hard-wiring a jacuzzi tub requires a four-wire connection and a nearby GFCI disconnect panel. Our technicians are familiar with every aspect of installation and can install any make or model on the market.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Exterior lighting can contribute to the aesthetic charm of your home and improve safety on walkways. It helps improve security as well, especially when connected to motion sensors and timers. Meanwhile, landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your garden, lawn, or backyard. We also install modern features like automation controls, LED lighting, light dimmers, and transformers to improve convenience, efficiency, and safety.


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Our Los Angeles electricians can install any outdoor electrical component, fixture, or appliance. Fully trained, licensed, and equipped, they get the job done right the first time. We provide custom solutions whether you need outdoor lighting installed or help with swimming pool wiring, spa wiring, or jacuzzi tub wiring to increase the value of your outdoor living space. To get started or learn about our specials and financing options, contact us online or call 323-727-7799 today.