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Express Electrical Services specializes in ceiling fan installation and repairs for customers in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California regions. Our trained, certified technicians have long been relied upon to installrepairre-wire, and inspect electrical appliances, devices, and components. You can also depend on us to install and wire fixtures such as an individual fan or ceiling fan with lights. Our Los Angeles electrician is available any time to help.

Ceiling Fan Installation

The type of room determines how your fan will be installed. Even if you think there’s no connection for one, Express Electrical Services can help you. If there is an existing wiring connection, the project may seem straightforward. Even then, you should call our electrician in Los Angeles to avoid safety issues and guarantee a successful installation.

We can help if there’s no fixture or connection. A ceiling fan electrical box requires special bracing that attaches directly to the ceiling joists. The typical fan weighs about 20 pounds. Our electricians can handle the entire project, from installing the ceiling fan mounting box to running electrical wiring needed to power the fan. We’ll check your room to determine the best fan size and type for your needs.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor fans are convenient, and you’ll find ceiling fans outside, such as on a porch. They come in as many varieties and options as their indoor counterparts. However, you should not install an indoor ceiling fan outside. Exposure to moisture can cause them to short out or fail prematurely, requiring replacement rather than ceiling fan repair.

Outdoor ceiling fans may be either damp-rated or wet-rated. Wet-rated fans are the most durable and can tolerate rain, snow, and wind; they can operate safely and efficiently without any protection against the weather. These fans are protected with sealing, ABS plastic, and wires that don’t short out due to moisture.

A damp-rated fan isn’t designed for direct exposure to water, but is safe to operate in humid areas. They’re best suited for covered exterior spaces such as a patio or garage, but can be used in bathrooms and laundry rooms as well. The motor is protected by a non-corrosive cover and the interior wiring is protected from humidity.


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Ceiling Fan Styles

Your primary expectations may include a ceiling fan with a remote or to add room lighting. There are also different styles to choose from. Our ceiling fan installation contractor can help you decide on choices such as:


Feature a classic look, accented by antique-style patterns, ornamental designs, and often wooden blades.


Typically monochrome and minimalistic, contemporary fans are modern in design and great if you want a sleek-looking unit.


A blend of contemporary and traditional, transitional style fans can accommodate most types of rooms and room designs.

Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

It provides you with a nice refreshing breeze at home or at the office. That’s a big bonus, but there is much more to it; a ceiling fan can:

Save Energy

Cooler air is circulated more efficiently, so you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees, which cuts down on your monthly energy bill while maintaining your comfort level.

Work All Seasons

During the summer, the cool breeze circulates conditioned air; in the winter, heated air near the ceiling can be pushed down by reversing the fan direction, keeping the entire room comfortable.

Add More Light

Overhead lighting is often found in ceiling fans, and our experienced Los Angeles electrical contractors can upgrade units to provide you with the same benefit.

Enhance the Décor

There are so many styles, sizes, materials, blade numbers, and lighting configurations, you’ll find a fan that works for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even front porch.

Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

If your ceiling fan isn’t working, you can first check the circuit breaker, fuse, or switch. Beyond that, troubleshooting the problem may require a voltage tester, removing the wires, or replacing a capacitor (to correct blade-turning problems). A faulty motor may cause the fan to hum, and wobbling may be caused by a bad flywheel.

There are lots of steps to troubleshooting and fixing a ceiling fan, many involving special tools and working with wiring. A Los Angeles electrician experienced with ceiling fan installation and repair knows all the intricacies of these complex fixtures. Don’t try ceiling fan repair yourself. You risk potential electric shock and causing more damage, so leave it up to experienced technicians to fix.


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We serve all of Southern California. Whether you need help with living room, porch, or attic fan installation or repair, or a professional to help with installing a ceiling fan box, you can depend on our qualified electricians. Financing is available to help you afford installation. We offer specials and coupons as well. Learn more and schedule a service appointment using our online contact form, or call us at (855) 590-8785 today!