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Highly rated for professional service throughout Los Angeles, Express Electrical Services is proud to serve Sylmar. We help with a variety of electrical issues from flickering lights to faulty electrical panels. Need installation, repairs, or re-wiring? Our Sylmar electrician can address your requirements quickly.

Located in the San Fernando Valley, the neighborhood of Sylmar has a long history. The community is home to nearly 90,000 people, the Cascades spillway marking the terminus of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and the San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, which is a state historic landmark. The Nethercutt Collection, a museum of classic automobiles, is located in Sylmar as well

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24-Hour Emergency Service

Available 24/7, our residential emergency electrician can be there 60-90* minutes. We quickly diagnose and fix major problems such as buzzing outlets, sparks, burning plastic odors, and damaged electrical cords. If you have a faulty electrical panel or outdated aluminum wiring, our local electricians can address the problem. Power outages and surges can be more than a nuisance, but we can troubleshoot and fix the cause in no time.

Electrical Repairs in Sylmar

Our electricians are troubleshooting experts. Tripped circuit breakers or flickering lights can mean there is an overload or faulty wiring and you need an electrical repair. Perhaps the wrong fuses were installed or some electrical components are not up to code. If your panel is over 30 years old, we’ll find an electrician in Sylmar to upgrade it to a newer 200-amp panel.

Electrical Installations

With our licensed electrician, you can depend on quality workmanship and peace of mind. Fans and the lighting used for kitchens, bathrooms, and garages are no problem. Customers also depend on us for electrical installation of:

EV Chargers – Public charging stations can be expensive. Allow our electrical contractors to install an EV charger that suits your needs at home, so you never have look anywhere else.

Home Automation – Our home automation capabilities range from connecting lighting, door locks, air conditioning, and security system to a convenient smartphone app. We can automate your landscape lighting as well.

Ceiling Fans – We install ceiling fans safely whether you have an existing electrical connection or not; our certified electrician can install energy-saving fans that brighten up your room and provide a much-needed breeze

Electrical Re-wiring Services

Re-wiring is a tricky job that requires experienced electricians. Our technicians can manage any project that requires installing, replacing, or repairing electrical wiring. That includes installing a GFCI outlet, which cuts the current if there’s a power spike or ground fault. Our electrical contractors can replace any outlet, switch, or outdated component quickly.

If you get a new kitchen appliance, our Sylmar electrician can wire it for you to make sure there are no problems. Issues with electrical panels can affect any device or appliance in your home. Not only can our certified electrician install the right panel, but also properly manage all the wiring to boost safety.

You can always find an electrician with Express Electrical Services who can replace your old knob and tube wiring. If you are renovating a room or adding one, our team can provide electrical remodeling work, installing outlets, fuses, lights, switches, and anything else that’s needed. The best electricians in Sylmar are on our team to meet your home’s electrical needs.

Express Electrical Services: Improving Safety in Sylmar Homes

Our local electricians are ready for anything, including addressing your safety needs. You can therefore depend on our expertise in:

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors – Both types can be interconnected so everyone is alerted if there is an emergency. Our residential electrician can also hardwire each detector to your electrical system. Eliminating the need for batteries, this ensures your detectors are always operational.

Security Lighting – The darkness around your home may make it seem quaint, but provides hiding places for people you don’t want around. Our team can provide electrical installation of floodlights, motion sensors, and other components that keep everyone safe from intruders.

Whole House Surge Protection – Local power surges can put your home and family in danger, as can lightning and downed power lines. We have the best electricians in Sylmar, who can install a whole house surge protector that minimizes the damage and fire risk

Home Lighting Services

Whether you want to update your lighting inside or out, our electrical contractors have you covered. Professional electricians can safely install LED lights, recessed lighting, dimmers, and lighting controls, as well as ceiling fans and chandeliers. Accent lighting can be provided for your interior and exterior. In addition to landscape and pool lighting, we can provide you with convenient motion sensors and transformers as well.

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Express Electrical Services is available throughout Los Angeles and offers reliable prices so customers save and benefit from professional electrical repairs, installations, and emergency service. Our electrical contractors are dispatched throughout the area, so can reach you in 60-90 minutes. Highly rated electrical services are backed by convenient financing. Contact us to learn more, schedule service, and discuss our most



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