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When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Express Electrical Services provides emergency and same-day electrical service in Sepulveda, now better known as North Hills, a community within Los Angeles in the north-central part of the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood is served by the San Diego Freeway (I-405) and the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center. Prior to World War II, it was named Mission Acres, an agricultural community.

Electrical Services Available 24/7

The #1 emergency electrician in Sepulveda, we are available day or night and can meet your electrical requirements the same day you call. We’re prepared to address the most minor of issues or take on extensive repairs. Without the proper training, preparation, and care, electrical repairs are extremely dangerous, and you could risk serious injury by taking them on yourself.

Contact Express Electrical Services immediately if your circuit breakers keep tripping or you notice flickering lights or power surges/outages. There may be an overload or faulty wiring. If you ignore the problem, it’ll get worse and possibly cause a fire. Other signs of an emergency include buzzing outlets, sparks, burning smells, dimming lights, and visible damage to cords and wires.

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Electrical Services

Our Sepulveda electrician can address anything, including electrical automation. From installing security cameras and motion sensors to enabling smartphone access to video feeds, automation can make your home more secure. We also enable remote control of air conditioning, blinds, lighting, and some appliances as well as landscape lighting to make your house a smart home.

In addition, our electrical contractor is experienced with

Components and fixtures can be installed safely indoors and outdoors, from outlets and panels to HVAC units.
Renovating your home requires electrical work from installing outlets, switches, and wiring, to modern LED recess lighting and advanced controls.

We find any wiring problem and replace aluminum wiring, which may have thermal damage and be a fire hazard.

A bad panel can cause an overload or lack of power; let us install an upgrade to improve safety, increase home resale value, and boost insurability.

Fuse panels can be dangerous, but we’ll update your home with circuit breakers and troubleshoot faulty breakers.
Have many benefits, but tricky to install; we’ll use your existing wiring connection or install new wiring and mounting components.
Charge your electric vehicle through a home outlet, as we install Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers.
Our Sepulveda electrician will replace this old wiring system to improve your safety and increase electrical capacity.
From accent lighting (inside and out) to LED lighting, chandeliers, dimmers, timers, and kitchen and bathroom lighting, we do it all.

Home Safety Services

We’re the electrician in Sepulveda to trust for installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, which protect your family in the most dangerous of situations. They can be interconnected so everyone will know if there’s a problem. Hard-wiring these alarms to your electrical system avoids dealing with dead batteries at the worst of times.

A security lighting installation includes floodlights and motion sensors, in case anyone with malicious intent is looking for a way in. If lightning or other powerful surge event ever occurs, whole house surge protection will prevent major damage and house fires.

Call Express Electrical Services Today

Contact our electrician near Sepulveda for same-day service and emergency repairs. Since 1982, we’ve been helping area customers with installations and keeping their homes safe. We can be reached at 855-976-9049 so call immediately if there’s a problem.



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