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When an electrical problem or installation issue arises, you need the qualified and licensed electrician in Downey to do the work right the first time, safely and effectively. Express Electrical Services provides electrical repair, electrical wiring installation, home automation and home safety services for residents and businesses throughout the Los Angeles County area. We are fully staffed with licensed local electricians who are trained and qualified to handle a variety of electrical installation and repair issues. Whether you need electric outlet repairs, EV electric car charger installation, or an emergency electrician to get the power back on, our Downey electricians are here to help.

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Emergency Electrical Service Response Times Within 60-90* Minutes

Electrical emergencies wait for no one and can happen at any time. Also, the emergency can pose a hazard to you, your family or your business. Express Electrical Services can provide a 24-hour electrician in Downey to come to your home within 60-90* minutes to address your emergency issues. Some emergency issues we handle include electric power outages, faulty wiring, circuit breaker problems, faulty electrical panels and other issues.

Residential Electrical Services in Downey

Whether you are looking for electrical repairs or installations in your home, our licensed electrician in Downey can tackle the job.

Types of electrical services that we provide include:

Electrical Automation: Smart home technology trends have been growing. Whether you want voice-activated devices or security cameras, our Downey electrician can get your home automated for convenience and comfort.

Electrical Installation: Electric outlet installation, circuit breakers and electrical panels should be professionally installed to prevent problems. When you are adding something new to your home, a licensed electrician in Downey can provide electrical installation services.

Electrical Remodeling: Have you recently added a room to your home or are remodeling your home? You’ll need lighting, light controls, outlets and other electrical products installed to make the new room perfect for your needs.

Electrical Re-Wiring: Express Electrical Services can help re-wire your home if you are looking to upgrade fuse boxes and service panels, or move appliances and other electronics to different locations where there is no electrical wiring present.

Electrical Repairs: Don’t let flickering lights, circuit breaker trips or faulty wiring ruin your day. A licensed electrician in Downey can get every electric repair done for you.

Electrical Panels: Electrical panels and fuses don’t last forever. Our electrical contractors can upgrade and install new panels for your home.

EV Chargers: Electrical cars are popular throughout Los Angeles County. We can perform electric car charger installation, repairs and replacement services.

GFCI/GFI Outlets: GFCI/GFI outlets are used for large appliances and other electronic devices where the chance of electrical shock is greatly increased, especially in wet areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and by kitchen sinks. Our Downey electricians provide GFCI outlet installation for your home.

Knob & Tube Upgrades: In older homes, knob and tube wiring were used to power homes. These ancient electrical systems are not only inefficient for residential electrical needs today, they can unnecessarily waste energy and cause an electrical risk. Express Electrical Services can replace all the knob and tube in your home to bring it up to modern standards.

Lighting: Add lights to your home with our electrical lighting services. We install and upgrade interior and exterior lighting including LED lighting, recessed lights, and outdoor motion sensors.

Outlets/Switches: Many outlets in your home may have been there since the house was first built. Outlet and switch upgrade services can replace older two-prong outlets and old wiring.

Home Safety Services

Increase the safety of your home and be warned about dangers with home safety services provided by our Downey electricians. Safety services we provide to your home:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon monoxide and fires can pose a significant and silent health hazard to your family. We can install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Security Lighting: Shine a bright light on intruders that come onto your property with security lighting services installed and upgraded by our electrical contractors.

Smoke Detectors: When there is smoke, let a hard-wired smoke detector, professionally installed by our electricians, warn you about the potential fire danger.

Whole House Surge Protection: Power surges caused by storms and other hazards can create electrical damage throughout the home. Obtaining whole house surge protection can protect electronics, appliances, and electrical tools that can become damaged by a power surge.

Whatever electrical need you have, call the licensed professionals at Express Electrical Services. Our highly rated local electricians in Downey will provide you with dedicated electrical services at reliable prices. Not just that, our 24-hour emergency electrician in Downey can be at your home in 60 to 90* minutes for any emergency repairs. Call us today to find out about our specials, coupons and financing options for your electrical needs.


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