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We are full-service, residential lighting installers committed to creativity, innovation and safety in both interior and exterior household illumination. Our trained and fully-certified Los Angeles electricians partner with Southern California homeowners to provide top-tier customer service and create some of the brightest, most beautifully lit homes in the city. We manage all aspects of lighting installations from mapping out design plans and color to calculating dimensions, scale, and texture for optimal comfort, aesthetics, and safety.

Express Electrical Services provides lighting installation & repair services all of Southern California, and even have offices in Santa Ana & Riverside, to be able to provide faster service to all our customers!

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You May Not Know…

Improved lighting design is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to improve the look and feel of your home while increasing its overall value. At Express Electric, we view quality lighting design as not only as an investment and improvement in household luxury but also as an easy way to enhance residential spacial dynamics and safety.

Exterior Design and Implementation

At Express Electrical Services, we like to stay on the cutting edge of lighting technology. That’s why we can now install occupancy sensors anywhere in your home that turn on when motion is detected and off when the specific room, driveway, or yard is empty. Occupancy sensors increase energy efficiency, save money and make your home a more dynamic, secure environment. Express Electrical Services, has over 35 years of experience working in the city of Los Angeles. We provide up-front quotes and pricing and our master electricians are consistently trained in the latest industry-leading technology and design. Call our Los Angeles electricians to learn more about our interior and exterior home lighting design and implementation solutions!

Interior Lighting Services

When adding new lighting to the interior of your home, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from. At Express Electrical Services, our interior lighting services include:

Accent lighting can be used to focus light on a particular object or area in your home. When installing accent lighting, you have to get the right angle and intensity of the light in order to illuminate the subject in the best way possible. At Express Electrical Services, we are able to help you choose the right lights and install them in the best possible location.
Ceiling fans often double as a source of light in your home. If you need help installing a new ceiling fan/light combo, you can count on an electrical contractor at Express Electrical Services to help.
Few fixtures add more class and style to a home than a gorgeous chandelier. Given the size and complexity of most chandeliers, though, it’s best to rely on a Los Angeles electrician to help with the installation. At Express Electrical Services, we can help install any chandelier you choose in your home.
Did you know that excess electrical lighting is one of the number one factors contributing to difficulty sleeping at night? By installing dimmers in your home, you can dim the lights as the night goes on in order to prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep. Dimmers are also a great lighting installation to have if you need to turn the lights on in the middle of the night when your eyes are sensitive to bright lights.
Only being able to control your lights with a switch is a thing of the past. By installing lighting controls, you can control your lights with your smartphone, with sound activation, with motion activation, and more. Add a level of ease and convenience to the way you control your lighting by letting Express Electrical Services help install lighting controls in your home.
LED technology has advanced a lot in recent years, making LED lights a bright and beautiful option to consider. If you would like to replace the incandescent lighting in your home with eye-catching LEDs, a licensed electrician from Express Electrical Services will be able to help.
Recessed lighting – lighting that is recessed in a hollow space in your ceiling – provides a very modern and appealing look to your home. While installing recessed lighting can sometimes be a complicated process, our expert Los Angeles electricians are able to perform the recessed lighting installation in a way that looks great and functions perfectly.
aving your lights go on and off automatically at specific times is a convenient way to adjust your lighting based on your specific schedule. At Express Electrical Services, we are able to add timers to your existing lighting so that the lights go off and on whenever you please. These timers can be added to specific light fixtures in your home so that you can customize which lights are on a timer and which ones are not.
Lights installed in the bathrooms and kitchen of a home are often different from the lights installed in the rest of your house. At Express Electrical Services, we’ll help you choose the light fixtures that will look the best in your bathrooms and kitchen. After you’ve chosen the perfect fixtures, we’ll install them in little time at all.

Exterior Lighting Services

Adding exterior lighting to your home is not only a great way to make your home look amazing from the outside but also a great way to increase its security and deter would-be burglars. At Express Electrical Services, our outdoor lighting installation services include:

In the same way that accent lighting is great for illuminating a specific subject or area inside your home, it’s great for illuminating objects and areas outside your home as well. Whether you have an outdoor decoration you want to shine a spotlight on or a certain space outside your home you’d like to light up, we’ll help you choose and install the right accent lighting for your specific needs.
Landscape lighting allows you to bathe your yard in beautiful light, increasing your home’s curb appeal, making nights spent outside in the yard or on the patio more enjoyable, and increasing your home’s security. From adding a few lights to completing a major landscape lighting project, Express Electrical Services is able to help with all your outdoor lighting installation needs.
Motion sensors connected to your outdoor lighting offer both security and convenience. Every time you exit or enter your home, you’ll have lights to guide your way without having to fumble around in the dark for a switch. Motion sensors can also alert you if someone who shouldn’t be there is outside your home while also deterring them from sticking around.
Enjoying your swimming pool after the sun has set is much more fun with the right pool lighting. At Express Electrical Services, we can help you choose the right lighting fixtures that will look the best in and around your pool. After you’ve chosen your fixtures, we’ll make the entire pool lighting installation process a breeze.
Powering outdoor lighting often requires the installation of a landscape lighting transformer. At Express Electrical Services, we are able to determine whether or not you will need a landscape lighting transformer for your outdoor lighting project. If a transformer is necessary, our Los Angeles electricians will help you choose the best one for the job, and work to quickly and professionally get it installed.

Why Hire Our Los Angeles Electrician for Lighting Installation and Repairs?

Lighting installation is often a complex process. An experienced electrician, however, will be able to help you choose which fixtures to buy as well as ensure that they are installed correctly and professionally. In the event that your lights stop working, you can also rely on an emergency electrician to come to your home and quickly make the necessary repairs.

We Want You (And Your Home) To Look Great!

We are the Los Angeles lighting experts. We understand which colors and dimensions work to keep you comfortable and looking great in your home. Proper, tasteful lighting strikes up particular moods can turn your residence into a warm, dynamic space. You might want your bathroom to feel crisp and clean with subtle mirror light, while warm, calming colors might work best for your bedrooms and living areas. Here’s a small selection of areas of your home we can energize and illuminate:

  • Artwork Accents

  • Book Shelves

  • Overhead Cabinet Lighting

  • Cove Space

  • Nooks

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting

Why Choose Express Electrical Services?

If you are adding new lighting to the interior or exterior of your home, you can count on the expert electricians at Express Electrical Services. In addition to lighting installation, we also offer access to a 24 hour electrician for quick and convenient lighting repairs.

At Express Electrical Services, we service all of Southern California and will respond to your home in 60-90 minutes*. We also offer a fix it now and pay later financing program on approved credit as well as a quality guarantee that is backed by over 35 years of experience.

If you would like to learn more about how the trained technicians at Express Electrical Services can help with all of your indoor and outdoor lighting needs, we invite you to contact us today. Also, feel free to browse through our coupons to see what discounts we have available.

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