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Are you looking for a reliable, dependable, and affordable electrician in Glendale? Look no further than Express Electrical Services. Our experienced team of licensed electricians can help with any electrical repair you might need. Our Glendale electricians are trained to counsel customers so that you know exactly how healthy your wiring is, what repairs you need to make today, and whether you might need to schedule upgrades in the future to keep your home and family safe.

Whether you’re in need of a small job, such as a GFCI outlet installation, or an entire electric panel upgrade, our Glendale electrician provides all of the expertise necessary for any size project.

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Emergency Electrician – Electrical Contractors at Your Home in 60-90* Minutes or Less

If you’re in a position where you’re having a serious electrical problem, you need a licensed electrician immediately. Electricity is a specialized field and those aren’t the type of repairs you want to take care of on your own.

At Express Electrical Services, we guarantee our customers service in the fastest time possible. You can rest assured that a licensed professional will be there to handle all of your electrical wiring needs.

Services Our 24 Hour Electrician in Glendale Offer

  • Electrical Automation. A smart home automation system allows you to control your electric usage more thoroughly. Allow us to install your new electrical automation system to save on bills and use your energy more efficiently.
  • Electrical Installation. Our team can run new wires through your whole house or handle very precise, simple jobs. Whether you need a new outlet in one room or a whole new panel, contact us today.
  • Electrical Remodeling. Remodeling your home isn’t just about paint color and furnishings. There are many new lighting options to give your home a new, more attractive appearance.
  • Electrical Re-wiring. Like anything else, your house wiring may need to be updated as it ages. Our seasoned Glendale Electricians can check all of your wires to make sure that your home is safe and functioning properly. We can also re-wire any area where the original electrical lines may be damaged or aging.
  • Electrical Repairs. Electrical repairs might include a new electric outlet installation or making sure the connections are right for your carbon monoxide alarm. Your home runs on electricity. It’s important to keep these connections healthy.
  • Electrical Panels. Your electric panel box is the heart of your electrical system. We specialize in repairs and replacements of outdated electrical panels.
  • EV Chargers. If you need an EV charger repaired or an electric car charger installation, contact us today.
  • GFCI/GFI Outlets. Our seasoned electricians can complete any electric outlet installation you need for your home.
  • Knob and Tube Upgrades. Older homes have what is known as knob and tube systems. If you have one of these older model homes, we specialize in upgrading to make your home more efficient and safer.
  • Lighting. Lighting can add to the aesthetic appeal to your home, as well as improve functionality. Our Glendale electricians are available to help with any lighting additions you may need.
  • Outlets/Switches. Your outlets and switches should be assessed to make sure that you’re up to code and that your electrical relays are performing optimally.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector. We perform smoke detector installation as well as carbon monoxide alarm and detector installation. These are integral pieces in keeping your family safe and should be tested frequently.
  • Security Lighting. Security lighting offers better lighting for dark nights and helps to deter unwanted visitors, such as animals. It’s also a deterrent to burglars who prefer the cover of darkness.
  • Whole House Surge Protection. Surges can damage electrical equipment, such as computers and even appliances. Natural surges can happen during violent storms, but whole house surge protection can help you to keep your expensive electrical equipment from incurring damage.

Are You Looking for a 24 Hour Electrician in Glendale?

If you’re in the market for an electrician in Glendale, Express Electrical Services can meet all of your needs. We offer round the clock emergency services at affordable prices. Our expert electricians are licensed and bonded and our company is highly rated. Contact us today to discuss pricing and financing or to schedule your appointment.


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