Whole House Surge Protection Services in Los Angeles

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Our certified electricians can help any homeowner benefit from whole-house surge protection in Los Angeles and beyond

In California, an electrical surge can strike your home at any time. Whether due to utility line issues, lightning strikes, or the effects of major storms, powerful torrents of electricity can surge into your home’s circuits. The results can include irreparable damage to appliances and electronics. Expensive refrigerators, washers and dryers, entertainment systems, and computers may need to be replaced. Fortunately, electrical surges are preventable. The whole house surge protection we can provide goes far beyond what any power strip or localized surge device can do.

Express Electrical Services can ensure your home is constantly protected against transient voltage surges, from outside and within.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges vary significantly in intensity and longevity. Some last for a fraction of a second and don’t rise much above nominal current levels. Others involve tens of thousands of volts from power lines and lightning. But it doesn’t take much of a fluctuation in power to cause minor damage that results in an appliance malfunction or reduction in its lifespan.

To help you understand whether whole house surge protection is necessary, here are a few benefits. A whole house surge protector can:

  • Avoid spending thousands of dollars to replace damaged electrical equipment.
  • Minimize the risk of extreme electrical damage that can trigger a fire.
  • Protect against internal transient surges that originate from inside your home.
  • Avoid having to replace electrical wiring, circuits, and receptacles.
  • Meet your electrical needs, as systems are offered in various capacities.
  • Protect your home as well as help increase its value.

What Does Whole House Surge Protection Cost?

Installing a whole house surge protector generally costs a few hundred dollars (HomeAdvisor lists an average cost of $300 with a range of up to $700). Your electrician’s hourly charge for labor adds to the total cost. However, the cost of installation pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars needed to replace major appliances. An experienced electrician can install the system in a couple of hours, so there is minimal disruption.

Where Does an Electrician Install a Whole House Surge Protector?

Our electrical technicians typically install the system at the main electrical panel. From there, it can detect and divert surges in electrical current before they reach the circuits in your home. All the excess voltage is diverted into the ground. The surge protector then allows safe amounts of electricity into your home so your electronics and appliances are powered but protected against damaging surges.

Express Electrical Services Installs Whole House Surge Protection

Whole house surge protection is necessary for any home in Los Angeles. Our licensed electricians evaluate your home to determine the best system type and size. This maximizes reliability and allows us to match your budget. To schedule an appointment so we can determine your options, and you can benefit from whole house surge protection after installation, request service online or call 888-350-7869 today.


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