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Highly rated by customers throughout Los Angeles County, Express Electrical Services can help you with any electrical issue. If the lights are flickering or the power goes out, or you want your own EV charger, our electrical contractors can be there the same day you call. We’re within reach as Bellflower, a city of over 77,000 residents, is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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24-Hour Electrical Service in Bellflower

Our lead time is just 60-90* minutes. Same-day electrical service can be important if you have electrical panel problems, circuit breakers that constantly trip, power surges, flickering or dimming lights, hot or otherwise faulty outlets, or hear buzzing sounds. Seeing a spark can be a jolt, literally, but we can come quickly and troubleshoot the problem. We’ll send a Bellflower electrician who can fix the problem and eliminate the risk.

If you see stripped wiring and damaged cords or smell burning plastic, call a 24-hour emergency electrician right away.

Home Rewiring and Repair Services in Bellflower

We handle every kind of electrical rewiring job imaginable. A Bellflower electrician trained to do the job right and safely can service your:

GFCI Outlets

If your ground fault interrupter circuit fails or you don’t have one, a licensed electrician in Bellflower can deal with the problem. A GFCI outlet can offer protection against surges and moisture.

Electrical Outlets/Switches

Outlets and switches can degrade over time, as can their internal wires; updated appliances can strain the system, but newer three-prong outlets can mitigate the problem.

Electrical Panels

A common electrical repair for older homes, Our Bellflower electricians can replace and upgrade your electrical panel to support the higher demand of newer air conditioners and refrigerators.

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and other appliances require a lot of electricity. Our electricians are trained to effectively and efficiently handle the wiring process.

Electrical Knobs and Tubes

Older knob and tube components are not up to par with today’s appliances and standards. Worn insulation can threaten your safety, but a local electrician in Bellflowercan upgrade these quickly.

Electrical remodeling is another area we are skilled in. Call us and an electrician near Los Angeles can assess your remodeling needs, whether you need new wiring, electrical panels, fuses, and outlets or modern amenities such as LED recessed lighting and advanced lighting controls. Various technologies can make your home safer, more efficient, and more convenient.

Home Electrical Installations in Bellflower

From panels to outlets, ceiling and attic fans, to HVAC units, Express Electrical Services has you covered. We can also send a local electrician to handle your EV charger installation needs. With an electric vehicle charger, you don’t have to look for a charging station for your hybrid or electric vehicle.

We install electrical automation components and systems as well. That includes safety/security products such as security cameras activated by motion sensors, or remotely via a smartphone. Wirelessly controlled lighting, air conditioning and heating systems, and blinds as well as door locks and landscape lighting can be installed, conserving energy and improving efficiency.

Electrical Safety Services

Your home is always safer if a Bellflower electrician installs and inspects your:

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – These life-saving devices are important components of any home. If your CO or smoke detector stops working, call a 24-hour electrician. A licensed electrician in Bellflower can check to see it is installed in the proper location and is functional, or hard-wire your smoke detectors.

Security Lighting – The darkness around your home may be cozy but can invite would-be intruders. Have an electrician install flood lights with motion sensors and photocells, so your property is all that much safer.

Whole House Surge Protection – Our electrical contractors can protect your home from surges caused by voltage spikes and lightning, which can damage appliances, computers, and even your wiring. You can also avoid the need for an expensive electrical repair.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Lighting upgrades can improve the comfort of your home, and curb appeal, at an affordable price. Our Bellflower electricians can provide accent lighting with angle and intensity in mind, or install fixtures such as chandeliers and ceiling fans. Recessed lighting can be safely installed. We also specialize in dimmers, timers, LED lighting, and energy efficient kitchen and bathroom lighting.

Outside the house, we can illuminate your landscape and apply our same knowledge of accent lighting. An electrician in Bellflower can also install pool lighting so your pool is accessible any time of day or night. Transformers and motion sensors can further improve your outdoor lighting system.

Same-Day Electrical Service in Bellflower

Electricians in Bellflower are waiting to help, whether you need electrical installationselectrical repairs or upgrades. Express Electrical Services is highly rated and serves all of Los Angeles County. If you need a new GCFI outlet installed or 24-hour electrical service in Bellflower, we can be there in 60-90* minutes. We can finance all your electrical and lighting needs, while coupons and specials are offered as well. Call (855) 220-1307 to schedule a visit.


We service residents all throughout Los Angeles County, including:


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