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If you’re looking for a highly rated, licensed electrician in Van Nuys, Express Electrical Services serves the local community and all of Los Angeles County. We can help with everything from flickering/dimming lights to power outages, or if you need an EV charger installed. From the 405 Freeway to the commercial strip along Van Nuys Boulevard, to Sound City Studios, the city’s 100,000+ residents can benefit from local electricians available 24/7, and who can be there in 60-90* minutes.

You can depend on a 24-hour emergency electrician if the lights suddenly start flickering or there are buzzing sounds from electrical components, you smell something burning, or there are sparks. An electrical short, water damage, or overloaded system can quickly turn dangerous. You can rely on local electricians in Van Nuys to inspect your electrical system and correct any problems

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Home Electrical Services

Our electrical contractors are experts at troubleshooting problems and making repairs. No matter what the electrical issue is, a Van Nuys electrician can get to the source of it.

Home Rewiring in Van Nuys

The wires and all electrical components must be in working order for electricity to flow safely. Whether you schedule a visit by a Van Nuys residential electrician or need an emergency electrician, Express Electrical Services can repair, replace, and upgrade parts or add important components, such as:

GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter detects any sudden changes in current and cuts the power in a fraction of a second, preventing shocks and electrical burns.
Electrical Outlets/Switches

Bad switches and outlets can be overloaded by high-power appliances, and rotten/dried out wires behind an old electrical outlet can present hazards as well.

Kitchen Appliances

Wiring up a new appliance can be tricky, but our professionals can set things up so that your newest additions operate reliably and safely.

Electric Panels

An electrical panel upgrade can dramatically reduce your fire risk and electrical surges, so have our Van Nuys electricians come in and service or upgrade your breaker panel as needed.


Old components lack safety grounding, capacity, and often adequate insulation. Call an electrician in Van Nuys to replace old knob & tube systems, and eliminate safety hazards and legal concerns.

Electrical Remodeling

From wiring to sockets, to a new electrical panel, our Van Nuys electricians can do a complete electrical remodel, while integrating LED recessed lighting, automation controls, and other modern features.

Modernizing Van Nuys Homes

Express Electrical Services can send a Van Nuys Electrician to handle any kind of electrical installation. We can install and repair outlets, panels, and lighting as well as do HVAC and ceiling fan installation. If you own an electric vehicle, we can even install an EV charger station right outside your home or in your garage, avoiding the need to travel to local stations and pay high fees.

The electrical demand in Southern California is high. With a home automation system, you can control your lights and appliances from remote devices, save energy, and lower your utility bills. A 24-hour electrician can come to you home and:

  • Install motion-sensitive cameras and connect them to video feeds, alarms, and intercoms.
  • Set up wireless control of lighting, blinds, door locks, and air conditioning.
  • Connect landscape lighting to automated controls, smartphones, or install a timer

Security Services from a Van Nuys Residential Electrician

A security-aware electrician can install carbon monoxide detectors where they are legally required. These can alert you to dangerous, and potentially deadly, conditions. Smoke detectors can be hard-wired to your electrical system by local electricians in Van Nuys. We’ll set them up correctly and make sure they are in working order.

Security lighting is another area where we can help. An electrician can wire up the electricity outside to floodlights with motion sensors and timers. Your home will be protected against threats such as intruders and wildlife.

By installing whole house surge protection, a licensed electrician in Van Nuys can help protect your home from electrical spikes, short fuses, overloaded appliances, and lightning strikes.

Home Lighting Services

You can also depend on our electrical contractors to manage your interior and exterior lighting. We install the latest LED lighting solutions, while a Van Nuys residential electrician can connect controls, dimmers, ceiling fan fixtures, and chandeliers. In fact, our local electricians install and service lighting in any room of the house.

Outside the home, we can install an electrical panel and provide you with up-to-date pool and landscape lighting. Any kind of accent lighting can be installed to illuminate your home. Motion sensors, transformers, and other components can be provided to ensure your convenience, security, and safety.

Call the Most Respected Electrician in Van Nuys

Express Electrical Services is available whether you require a 24-hour electrician or an electrical repair. Our Van Nuys electricians offer affordable and reliable prices across Los Angeles County. When you need us quickly, an emergency electrician is there within 60-90* minutes. Financing is available. We also have various specials and coupons to help you save. For prompt and reliable service by a highly rated local electrician, contact us today.



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