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Not long ago, “smart homes” were portrayed as the wave of the future. The idea is no longer science fiction. Electrical automation is real and a smart home won’t just keep you ahead of the times. Home automation can improve comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

At Express Electrical Services, our electricians in Los Angeles can help modernize your home. They are trained and experienced in the latest products and technologies. Quick installation means your home automation system will be up and running in no time. Our team’s experience ensures every installation is done correctly, so you fully benefit from every smart home device we set up.

What Is Electrical Home Automation?

Electrical automation encompasses several different home systems. When you hire one of our experienced electricians, they’ll help you decide what technologies you can benefit most from and safely install an automation system. We can help update your home with the following:

Wireless Home Automation Technology

Wireless automation brings a whole new level of convenience to your home. Devices can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other technologies, so you can control a wide range of features from your smartphone, including:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Door locks
  • Blinds
  • Lighting

You can turn a light on or off or control the TV or stereo from your seat. You can even turn up the AC from your phone when you’re away, so your home is nice and cozy when you arrive. A smart home simplifies your day-to-day life by giving you full control of features and appliances no matter where you are.

Home Security and Safety Systems

Did you forget to lock the front door? No need to worry. If you’re halfway to work and suddenly realize it, home automation technology lets you lock the door remotely. The same process also works for garage door openers. An automation system can close the door automatically, or you can view its status and close or open it remotely.

Security cameras can be remotely connected as well. The latest systems use motion sensors to send alerts when triggered. You can view the camera’s feed on your phone in real time. You can trigger an alarm or call for help if there’s a threat. You can even speak over your intercom to greet a visitor at your front door. With a modern home security system, you can check out any potential situation or stay informed about home security anytime, anywhere.

Automated Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can set a mood or highlight a facade, trees, plants, and landscape features. It can also improve safety on walkways and enhance home security. Landscape lighting can be connected to your home automation system in several ways. For example, timers allow you to control when your lighting turns on and off. Motion sensors can trigger when someone arrives home or there’s a possible intruder. Light sensors can automatically turn the lights on at night or shut them off at dawn.

Is It Worth It to Install a Smart Home Automation System?

The trend toward home automation will continue. It can improve convenience, energy efficiency, and security. The safety of your home can also be improved. All the while, you may see lower monthly electric bills. At the very least, you can take advantage of futurized data and voice control. Turning your property into a smart home can even boost resale value.

Can I Install a Home Automation System Myself?

A digital assistant easily plugs in and connects to a Wi-Fi network. Other smart home devices can then be controlled using voice commands. However, more advanced components require wiring work that only an electrician should perform. Some sensors and controllers are more sophisticated than the average homeowner is used to.

How Much Does Automating My Home Cost?

Consumer smart home devices are inexpensive. The cost of a full home automation system varies, as it can encompass automated lights, entertainment features, and security systems. These can cost several hundred to well over a thousand dollars depending on the products installed and the scope of the project.


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Benefits of Home Electrical Automation

It’s not rocket science—more direct control equals enhanced convenience and more financial savings. Frankly, we are hard-pressed to think of a single downside to home electrical automation. Let’s take a look at the bounty of advantages and benefits of technological home enhancements:

Convenience and Efficiency

Gain the ability to wirelessly control every aspect of your home’s electrical and lighting systems.

Save Energy

Control where and when more or less electricity is needed. We can equip your home with a state-of-the-art motion sensor so your lights automatically turn off when no motion is detected.

Lower Utility Bills

Lower energy output means lower monthly electric bills.

Data/Voice Control

“Futurize” your home with these additional safety and security solutions. Take ownership of your home’s safety with these uniquely customizable options.

Improved Safety & Security

Keep your home safe while adding to its resale value.

Express Electrical Services Can Help with Your Home Automation Needs

We’re committed to helping you benefit from wireless technology and the convenience, security, and energy efficiency it can bring. Our licensed and fully trained electricians proudly serve all of Southern California. A quality guarantee covers all the work we complete and financing is available to help you afford any project. 

Are you ready to turn your home into a smart home? Contact Express Electrical Services online to request service or call (888) 741-6404 today.