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Express Electrical Services: Providing Electrical Installation, Repair, and Emergency Services Since 1982

Since 1982, Express Electrical Services has been the trusted emergency electrician to quickly deal with urgent electrical problems and keep homeowners safe and secure. We are the most trusted electrician in Hawthorne, a city in southwestern Los Angeles County named after author Nathaniel Hawthorne. It’s known for year-round mild weather and a wealth of businesses, including The Boring Company, Century Media Records, and Northrop Corporation. Hawthorne Municipal Airport is home to the headquarters of SpaceX and the design center of Tesla Motors.

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Express Electrical Services: Hawthorne’s 24-Hour Electrician

The community’s #1 emergency electrician, we are relied upon for same-day electrical services. Emergency electrical repair is available 24/7 to restore power, fix damaged wiring and panels, and prevent fires, injuries, and property damage. We offer many types of electrical services and there’s no job we can’t tackle. Our technicians are trained and experienced to help you with:

Electrical Automation: If you’ve dreamt of living in a smart house, we can make your dreams come true. Automation systems can save you energy, lower your utility bills, and improve your safety and security. Our team can upgrade your home with data and voice control, and also provides:

  • Security cameras and smart locks controlled via a smartphone; cameras, activated by motion sensors, provide remote alerts so you can check video feeds, sound the alarm, or speak over your intercom from your phone.
  • Wireless control of air conditioning and heating systems as well as door locks, blinds, and lighting; even adjust the lighting while outside or from a chair.
  • Boost your curb appeal with landscape lighting connected to timers, motion sensors, and photocells, so lighting is available only when needed yet enhances security.
Electrical Installation: Our technicians can install any electrical fixture, appliance, outlet, or switch. Installations require skills and tools the average homeowner may not have, but our Hawthorne electrician can quickly and safely complete any job right the first time.
Electrical Repairs: If it needs fixing, we can troubleshoot and repair anything that sparks, buzzes, or burns; call right away for flickering or dimming lights or a power surge or outage to avoid more serious problems. The longer you wait the more damage you may cause to your electrical component.
Electrical Remodeling: Whether you remodel one room or your entire home, let us upgrade the wiring and install sockets, panels, switches, LED lighting, and wiring. We’ll enable your project to go off without a hitch, and without the risk of DIY electrical work.

Home Safety Services

Required by law, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors must be installed in the proper locations and be tested regularly. Our Hawthorne electrical company provides complete service for your alarms, and can even hard-wire and interconnect them to boost functionality. We can boost security outside your home with security lighting, which can deter intruders and alert you to potential problems. When lightning strikes, have whole house surge protection to prevent damage and possible fires.

Contact Your Hawthorne Electrician Today

Whether you need electrical repairs, upgrades, or help boosting the safety and security of your home, contact Express Electrical services right away. We can be at your home in 60-90 minutes and offer same-day service on all repairs and electrical problems. As the #1 24-hour electrician in Hawthorne, we’re ready to help you; call us at 855-976-9049 or request a service visit online.


We service residents all throughout Los Angeles County, including:


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