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Express Electrical Services: Trusted Los Angeles County Electrician Serving The Area Since 1982

Express Electrical Services, an electrical contractor that’s set the standard in electrical services for Southern California since 1982, is proud to be the #1 emergency electrician in Vernon. This small industrial city is located five miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Primarily consisting of meatpacking plants and warehouses, Vernon has welcomed new residents and, in 2015, the opening of Vernon Village Park Apartments doubled the city’s population. Vernon is primarily a hub for metalworking industries and food, glass, and plastic equipment manufacturers.

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24-Hour Electrical Service

Open 24/7, Express Electrical Services is always available for emergencies. We also offer same-day electrical services, so homeowners never have to wait longer than 60-90mins when there are problems that can escalate quickly. Without the proper tools and experience, electrical work can be extremely dangerous. Leave it to our trained and licensed technicians to deal with the causes of flickering lights, power surges, outages, sparking or charred outlets, buzzing panels, burning plastic odors, and faulty wiring.

Electrical Automation Services in Vernon

More and more homeowners are installing automation technologies. We can convert your residence into a smart home. Security cameras, motion sensors, and smart locks can make your home safer and more secure. Our Vernon electricians also install wireless home automation systems that connect your air conditioning, lighting, blinds, and door locks to your smartphone and other devices. Smart landscape lighting can be connected to timers and controlled via smartphones; it can also boost security and curb appeal.

Electrical Installation, Repairs, and Remodeling

Whether you need new electrical installations or lighting fixtures wired, or new outlets, switches, or circuit breaker panels, our experienced technicians can help. We’ll also deal with any electrical repairs you need, no matter how big or small; serious problems can be fixed promptly and correctly, so you don’t need to worry about your safety. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or adding a new room to your home, we can provide all the electrical remodeling work you need.

Electrical Wiring/Re-Wiring

We’ll completely wire your home or re-wire any old, worn, or damaged wiring. Old homes often require electrical rewiring because existing setups are outdated and don’t support loads. Houses with knob and tube wiring are at a greater fire risk. We can replace it quickly and easily, so your home is up to code. Customers also rely on us for installation of:

Home Safety Services

Protecting your family and electrical system requires several home safety measures, which our Vernon electricians can manage, including:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: By law, these alarms must be in the proper location, near bedrooms, and meet various operational standards. We take things a step further by hard-wiring and interconnecting your detectors, to maximize your safety.
  • Security Lighting: We can wire spotlights and floodlights outside your home to deter criminals. Exposing shaded areas behind walls and shrubbery, these can be connected to motion detectors and photocells to boost security around your home.
  • Whole House Surge Protection: Lightning, power surges, and downed power lines can send enough current to damage your appliances and wiring, and trigger a fire, but a whole house surge protector avoids dangerous situations when things get treacherous

Contact Your Vernon Electrical Contractor Today

Whether you need an emergency electrician in Vernon or an electric panel upgrade, or are looking to rewire or remodel your home, our experienced electricians are available 24/7 and for same-day service. We’re dispatched to your local area. Our electrical technicians can therefore reach you in 60-90 minutes for diagnostics and repairs you can depend on. To schedule a quick fix or complete update, call us at 855-324-5796 today or request service online.



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