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Whether you’re looking for a simple ceiling fan installation or an Orange County electrician who can replace your electrical panel and rewire your entire home, Express Electrical Services can tackle your project. Our licensed electrical technicians offer a comprehensive assessment of your home, recommend upgrades, and can complete any size project.

We realize that the house you live in is your most important asset. Our local electricians treat each home repair with the same dedication and attention to detail that they’d want for their own residence. At Express Electrical Services, you can rest assured that your electrical contractors bring a wealth of experience and dependability.

An Emergency Electrician in Orange County

Often customers call us because they’re having an electrical issue. You don’t want to wait an extended period of time to repair an electrical problem. That’s why our 24-hour electrician is on call at all times of day or night. Our customers can rest assured that their certified Orange County electrician will arrive at their residence within 60-90 minutes of a scheduled emergency call.

No matter the issue, our licensed electricians bring a wealth of experience. Our prices are affordable and our staff can walk you through exactly what’s needed to make sure that your electricity is safe and up to code.

Electric Repairs and Installations We Offer

At Express Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive electric services to our clients. No project is too small to warrant our attention and no job is too intricate for our expertise. Your call to have light switch wiring repaired or GFCI outlet installed will be treated with the same level of attention that our largest scale projects merit.
Here are a few of the services we offer:

Electrical Home Automation: Home automation allows you, the owner, to control all aspects of your home and energy use from inside or outside your residence.
Electrical Outlet Installation: Many homeowners find that older buildings simply weren’t constructed to accommodate the number of appliances and devices we use today. Our experts can help you add outlets to rooms where you need them, while staying in code compliance.
Electrical Remodeling Projects: Lighting and electrical is more than just utilitarian. Our Orange County electricians offer a myriad of options in lighting and design for interior or exterior electrical renovations.
Home Electrical Re-Wiring: Our electrical contractors in Orange County can pull old wiring and rewire small areas or the entire home to keep your system up to date, energy efficient, and safe.

Electrical Repairs: At Express Electrical Services, we’re equipped to tackle any size repair, from small issues to major problems. If you’re experiencing buzzing sounds near an outlet, power surges for no reason, or walls near outlets that are warm to the touch, contact a professional immediately.

Electric Panel Installation or Upgrade: Older homes might have what is known as knob and tube panels. These older electric panels are not energy efficient, many of today’s current electricians don’t have a lot of experience working with them, and it can be difficult to find replacement parts. At Express Electrical Services, we offer full panel upgrades and new panel installations, so that your Orange County home can be as energy efficient and as safe as possible.

EV Charger Installation or Repair: If you own an electric car, an EV station is an excellent investment to allow you to charge your vehicle at home. Our Orange County electricians offer full installation and repair of EV chargers.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are imperative for any home – in fact, California has strict codes regulating the number of detectors and where they should be placed in homes. But it’s not just a matter of keeping up with regulations, these devices save lives. That’s why we offer carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation that links all of your devices so that if an alarm goes off in one area of your home, every area of your residence is alerted.

Security Lighting: Installing security lighting around your home offers added convenience when you come home after dark. It’s also an excellent addition to home security measures and helps to scare away stray wildlife.
Whole House Surge Protection: A power surge from a storm can damage expensive devices and appliances in your home. Our surge protection installation gives you an extra measure to protect your belongings.

Are You Looking for a Licensed Electrician? Let Express Electrical Services Complete Your Project

If you’re considering an electrical project or are in need of emergency repairs, contact Express Electrical Services today. Our experienced Orange County electricians are highly rated, dependable, and ready to meet your needs. Call today!



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