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Orange County Electricians Providing 24 Hour Electrical Repair Services

Express Electrical Services has served the Southern California area since 1982 and customers in Seal Beach, CA, can expect top-notch service from our highly rated company and trained, qualified, and licensed electrical contractors. We serve all of Orange County. From minor electrical problems to remodel jobs, to handling extensive repairs and emergencies, an electrician in Seal Beach can be there to resolve any issue, no matter how big or small.

A Seaside Destination in Orange County

Seal Beach, located in the northern part of the county and 28 miles east of Los Angeles, is home to just over 24,000 people. It is known for its expansive sandy beach and having the second longest wooden pier in the state. The average temperature is 70°F in the summer and 55°F in the winter, so your air conditioning and heating needs must always be met.

24-Hour Emergency Electrician

Express Electrical Services is available 24/7 for all electrical emergencies. We also offer the benefits of a local electricians because we can be at your home in 60-90 minutes. That means if you have signs of trouble such as a power outage, surge, dimming/flickering lights, a burning plastic smell, or buzzing noise from an outlet, a licensed electrician can tend to the issue quickly and restore your peace of mind.

Electrical Repair Services

Our residential electrician can handle any problem with an electrical panel, circuit breaker, or a fuse. Tripped circuit breakers can overload circuits and damage appliances and devices. Our team can troubleshoot underlying wiring issues or the cause of power surges unrelated to the weather.

If an outlet seems hot, sparks, or has char marks, or plugged-in devices are not working, our electricians in Seal Beach can figure out why. Call us if you notice a damaged electrical cord or outdated aluminum wiring. Both can be fire hazards. These are just a few examples of electrical issues we can repair quickly deal with. If you need an electrical repair, don’t hesitate to call our Seal Beach electrician right away.

Home Rewiring Services in Seal Beach

We’re prepared to manage any home rewiring project in Seal Beach. Don’t risk having things go terribly wrong by attempting a DIY fix. Our services avoid the risk of serious injury and potentially higher costs in the long run. Instead, depend on our Seal Beach electrician to rewire:

GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets automatically detect ground faults and protect you from electrical burns and shocks.


Bad wiring can make your outlets, switches, and dimmers a fire risk. Contact our seal beach electricians & we can help you install or repair your outlets & switches.

Kitchen Appliances

Our local Seal beach electricians have experience wiring appliances to avoid serious problems.

Electric Panels

A residential electrician can upgrade/repair an old unit or electrical sub panel, eliminating the fire risk and adding capacity.

Knobs and Tubes

Old knob and tube circuits may have inadequate insulation and not support the current electrical demands of your home.

Electrical Remodeling

Our electrical contractors in Seal beach are trained in servicing and installing all types of electrical components for your electrical remodeling project. Express Electrical Services can install fuses, wires, switches, and fixtures in renovated or new rooms.

Home Electrical Installations

Call our licensed electrician for all electrical installations, including installation for lighting fixtures, appliances, and HVAC units. We also provide ceiling fan installation and an increasingly popular type of service—EV charger installation. With one in your garage, you can charge your electric/hybrid vehicle at home using equipment best suited for your needs.

Home electrical automation is another area our electrical contractors specialize in. Homeowners depend on us for the security of smartphone-controlled security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors as well as wirelessly controlled appliances, AC/heating, and lighting. Such systems are not only convenient. They can also save energy and lower utility bills.

Improving Home Safety

You can also an electrician in Seal Beach to address safety matters that include:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: From placement to proper wiring, we can ensure your alarms are up to code and even interconnect and hard-wire them. Therefore, you’re assured they will function in an emergency.
  • Security Lighting: We ensure nowhere outside your home is a hiding spot for potential burglars, by installing floodlights, motion detectors, and photocells. Newer systems are designed to tell a potential intruder from a passing cat.
  • Whole House Surge Protection: It will constantly protect your home, appliances, and electronics from excessive voltages to avoid fires and the need for costly device or electrical repair.

Lighting Services: Indoors and Outdoors

We install lighting to accent the inside and outside of your home. Chandeliers to LED lighting and the most advanced controls are available, and we specialize in bathroom and kitchen lighting as well. In addition to beautifying the interior of your home, we can provide landscape lighting for your yard or patio as well as accent and pool lighting.

Call Your Seal Beach Electrician Today

Express Electrical Services serves all of Orange County and can reach your home in 60-90* minutes. Whether you need an electrical component installed, re-wiring, or require an emergency electrician, you can depend on a highly rated electrician in Seal Beach, CA. Call us at 714-406-1322 to schedule an appointment or learn more about financingcoupons, specials, and other opportunities for savings.



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