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Express Electrical Services is one of the most highly rated electrical contractors in Orange County, California. We can help you with any electrical issue in the home. Whether the lights flicker, the power goes out, or you’d like an EV charger installed, our local electricians in Buena park will be there within 60-90 minutes*.

Our Buena Park electricians have an office located in Santa Ana to better able to serve our customers.

Office Location & Phone Number:
700 N S Main St Suite C 
Santa Ana, CA 92701.


A 24-Hour Electrician in Buena Park

A 24-hour emergency electrician in Buena Park can arrive within 60-90* minutes to assess your electrical problems. Contact us right away for issues such as:

  • Flickering lights
  • Dimming lights
  • A power outage
  • Burning plastic odors
  • Sparks
  • Buzzing sounds from electrical equipment
  • Wire, fuse, switch, or panel damage

An electrical short can lead to severe and expensive damage. In a worse case scenario, a fire can jeopardize your home or the safety of your family.

A Licensed Electrician Offering a Full Range of Services

No matter the issue, we can send an electrician in Buena Park to troubleshoot the problem. Our electricians can address a tripped circuit breaker, bad light, or a shorted out electrical panel. We also fix faulty power outlets or damaged electrical cords.

In addition, the Express Electrical Services team can help you with:

Old electrical wiring should be replaced with newer materials that handle higher power loads. Wires that lose their insulation and conductivity may pose safety hazards as well. Our Buena Park electricians can help you with your residential electrical rewiring.
A GFCI outlet protects you and your electrical system during power spikes, even if there’s exposure to moisture. These are typically installed in bathrooms, kitchens & outdoor areas.
Old two-prong outlets aren’t safe under today’s high electrical demand. We’ll replace them and install additional outlets and switches as needed.
When you purchase new appliances, our residential electricians in Buena Park can inspect the wiring, replace it, and connect appliances using their professional expertise and skills.
We install 200-amp circuit breaker panels that eliminate the concerns of using an old electrical panel
If old knobs/tubes have lost their insulation or are worn, have a Buena Park electrical contractor repair, or better yet, replace them.
Any electrical home remodel project should include electrical repairs and upgrades. Our Buena Park electrical technicians will check your fuses, wires, and switches as well as provide lighting repair as needed.
You can depend on a Buena Park electrician to install electrical panels, outlets, and even kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting. Our local electricians are also equipped and trained to install fans and HVAC units. An Orange County electrician can install charging stations for your electric vehicle as well, so you can power up your ride at home without the costs of local charging fees
We can send an Orange County electrician who is experienced installing home electrical automation systems. An electrician in Buena Park can provide automation controls that include data and voice control options. Electrical automation saves energy, lowers utility bills, is convenient, and improves the safety and security of your home.

A Licensed Buena Park Electrician to Serve Your Home Safety Needs

From fixing electrical wiring to sending a 24-hour emergency electrician when there’s a problem, we’re committed to addressing the safety of homeowners throughout Buena Park. That includes:

A residential electrician can install carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they’re working and installed correctly.
We install hard-wired smoke detector units that are more reliable in alerting you and your family if smoke is present for any reason.
Security lighting, like floodlights, timers, and motion sensors, can protect your home from wildlife, burglars, and other threats. Our expert electrical installations can help secure your home.
A defense against power surges protects your appliances and home, as it reduces the chance you’ll need electrical repairs or experience electrical damage or fires. Learn more about whole house surge protection.

Lighting Services

Our electrical contractors in Buena Park can address all your interior & exterior lighting needs.

Dimmers, lighting controls, LED lighting, ceiling fans, and chandeliers can be safely installed. Express Electrical Services also specialize in bathroom and kitchen lighting, recessed lighting, and automatic timers.

We can install landscape lighting, pool lights, and accent lighting to illuminate the objects and areas of your choice. If a landscape lighting transformer is needed, one will be installed. Motion sensors are important for convenience and security; our Buena Park electricians can arrange for installation and connection to your outdoor lighting system.

A Dedicated Buena Park Electrical Contractor

Express Electrical Services offers reliable prices on all services from installation, to wiring and lighting repair, to home remodels. A 24-hour electrician can be there in 60-90* minutes in an emergency.

Our highly rated business serves all of Orange County. We assist Buena Park customers in any way we can, from financing to offering great specials and coupons.

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