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Customers throughout Orange County depend on Express Electrical Services for installations, electrical repair, and electrical remodel work. We are a highly rated, licensed electrician with a trained, qualified staff that can reach your home quickly in an emergency. Our team of electricians in West Anaheim can tackle any job, big or small, to effectively and safely resolve electrical issues.

Part of the city of Anaheim, West Anaheim was developed mostly in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the original homes may need electrical upgrades and repairs, and our local electricians are equipped to deal with outdated components that updating. Whether you live off West Broadway or Lincoln Avenue, or near Adventure City, the local amusement park, or Hobby City, local electricians are always within reach.

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24-Hour Electrician in West Anaheim

If you need an emergency electrician in West Anaheim, Express Electrical Services is the company to call. We are never more than 60-90* minutes away. Contact us at the first sign of a malfunctioning electrical panel, faulty wiring, or strange burning plastic odor. Melting wires are an immediate fire hazard and must be fixed without delay.

Our residential electrician can also see why you have frequent power surges, outages, or dimming or flickering lights. Circuit breakers can trip due to wiring problems or overloaded systems. Be sure to call us if you find a damaged cord, old/damaged aluminum wiring, or hear buzzing sounds from an electrical outlet.

Electrical Repair Services

We’ll send our electrician in Anaheim directly to your home if you have lighting, wiring, or any kind of electrical problem. If something isn’t right, our electrical contractors use a variety of tools and techniques to troubleshoot problems. We are ready to handle any electrical repair in West Anaheim, whether you need to update an electrical panel, replace old aluminum wiring, or there’s a fire hazard.

Home Rewiring Services

When it comes to rewiring your home, you need to find an electrician experienced with every type of installation. With Express Electrical Services, you have an West Anaheim electrician with extensive experience and who can avoid hazards that cause serious injuries. Electrical work is never a safe DIY project, which is why you should call on us.

We can replace an electrical sub panel with a higher-capacity unit or protect your family from shocks and burns with a ground fault circuit interrupter. Wiring new appliances and installing all the electrical components in a new room is no problem. Here are electrical rewiring services we provide:

Home Electrical Installations in West Anaheim

Our West Anaheim electrician can go beyond the basic necessities to make your home efficient and modern. If you buy a new air conditioner, ceiling or attic fan, or kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting fixture, our electrical contractors get the job done in no time. You can depend on our residential electrician to install an EV charger station. We offer several different types of EV chargers to install right in your garage.

Wireless controls can save you energy and lower utility bills, not to mention add convenience. Our local electricians in West Anaheim provide a variety of home electrical installation, including home automation systems for security, including cameras controlled from a phone and motion sensors to trigger alerts. We can automate your home lighting, AC/heating, blinds, and much more. Automated landscape lighting is also available and can be controlled remotely or via a timer.

Home Safety Services

The safety of your home depends on several key electrical systems. Call our electrician in West Anaheim if your home is need of:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – A colorless, odorless gas, CO2 can kill quickly. That’s why a detector outside every bedroom is important.
  • Smoke Detectors – Our licensed electrician is ready to hard-wire your alarms and interconnect them for fully dependable protection at home.
  • Security Lighting – Startle would-be intruders with floodlights and motion sensors, so no shrub, tree, or wall is a hiding place.
  • Whole House Surge Protection – Protects your house, devices, and family when tens of thousands of volts suddenly come rushing into your home.

Lighting Services in West Anaheim

Whether you want to enhance the mood inside your home or beautify the exterior with proper lighting, we are your West Anaheim lighting contractor to call. Allow a qualified electrician to install ceiling fans, chandeliers, lighting controls, recessed lighting, and even the latest LED lights. Dimmers and timers can be seamlessly and safely integrated as well.

If you’re embarking on a landscaping project, we can find an electrician to light up your yard or patio. Accent and pool lighting are available for your landscaping. Express Electrical Services also install transformers to power your outdoor lighting system.

Call for Electrical Repair and Installation Today

Express Electrical Services is highly rated because we’re ready to reach your home in 60-90 minutes, whether you require a 24-hour emergency electrician or are planning an upgrade or remodel project. We repair electrical panel boxes, wiring, lighting, outlets, and more throughout Orange County. If you need any electrical work, ask about financingspecials and coupons, and schedule a visit from a qualified electrician today.



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