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Customers throughout Orange County depend on Express Electrical Services. Our trained, qualified, and licensed local electricians in Mission Viejo can deal with various electrical issues. If you have flickering lights, or the power is out, we can help. We can even have a residential electrician install a home charging station for your electric vehicle.

A large master-planned community, Mission Viejo has many homeowners who may face electrical problems every now and then. Many homes have been lived in since the 1980s and may be due for lighting repair or an electrical panel upgrade. Whatever the case, a Mission Viejo electrician can provide the electrical services needed to keep your house functional and safe. Contact us today!

Call Us for a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Mission Viejo

Facing an electrical emergency? Call and we’ll be there in 60-90* minutes! Whether your lights are flickering and there’s no obvious cause, or the power has gone out, our Mission Viejo electricians will get to the bottom of it. Be sure to call a 24-hour electrician if you see sparking from a fuse box or wiring, hear buzzing from the panel or wires, or smell burning plastic. These are signs of a major problem.

Home Electrical Services in Mission Viejo

When you need a licensed electrician, Express Electrical Services can provide a wide range of electrical services. Our team can reach anywhere in Orange County quickly and troubleshoot any electrical issue. Don’t wait for flickering lights to go back to normal. There’s surely a wiring, outlet, or fuse problem. Our Mission Viejo electricians will check your light switch wiring or replace the fuse panel if necessary.

In addition, Express Electrical provides:

Home Re-Wiring Services

An electrician can install an electrical outlet where needed or the electrical wiring needed to support new kitchen appliances. We can also handle issues with cable and meter sockets, service panels, and baseboard heater installations.

GFCI Outlets

Ground fault interrupter circuits are essential safety features. Without them, you are at risk for electrical burns and shocks during a power spike. The circuit will cut the power in a fraction of a second if changes in power are detected.


If your home is several decades old and has builders grade and two-prong outlets, it’s wise to have an electrical contractor check them. You might need additional switches or outlets or protection against moisture and electrical shock.

Kitchen Appliances

Schedule service by a licensed electrician who can properly wire new kitchen appliances and ensure they operate safely. Our Mission Viejo electricians install the proper grade wiring that handles the increased electrical demand.

Electric Panels

If your home still has an old electrical panel, a residential electrician can replace an outdated fuse panel with a new 200-amp breaker panel. An electrical panel upgrade can modernize your home and make it much safer.

Knobs and Tubes

You might like your old-fashioned knob & tube electrical components, but a lack of safety grounding and poor cloth or rubber insulation puts your safety at risk. In fact, such parts may be illegal. An electrical contractor can install newer and safer components.

Electrical Remodeling

If remodeling your home, you’re more than likely to consider LED recessed lighting or lighting automation controls. Our Mission Viejo electricians are knowledgeable about the latest lighting and color options, wiring, and local permits, so we can help with your electrical remodeling project

Local Electricians for Home Electrical Installations

Our technicians can install any electrical component. You can count on our Mission Viejo electricians for electrical paneloutlethome automation, and garage, kitchen, and bathroom lighting installations. Our electrticians can even install HVAC units and ceiling and attic fans, plus EV chargers for powering up your electric car at home.

Home Safety Services

Our electricians in Mission Viejo can install carbon monoxide detectors in the correct locations, while smoke detectors can be hard wired to avoid issues commonly associated with battery units. You never have to worry about them losing battery power.

Security lighting, with motion sensors and digital timers, can protect your home and family against intruders and wildlife, while creating a warm, welcoming feel. Whole house surge protection further improves safety by reducing the risk of damage and fires, while avoiding surges that can disable expensive appliances.

Lighting Services in Mission Viejo

We can manage light switch wiring and install accent lighting inside and out. Our electricians have experience with LED lighting, lighting controls, dimmers, timers, and installing chandeliers and ceiling fans. A Mission Viejo electrician can also light up your landscaping or pool, or connect transformers and motion sensors to increase the functionality of the system.

Call a 24-Hour Electrician Today

Express Electrical Services is prepared for lighting repair, electrical installations, and upgrades in Mission Viejo. Our Orange County electricians can install an electrical outlet or be there if you need a 24-hour emergency electrician. Just call us and we’ll arrive in 60-90* minutes. Serving all of Orange County, our highly rated electrical company offers customers great financing options and specials and coupons. Check back often for updates, and contact us for lighting repair, troubleshooting, remodels, and more.



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