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Highly rated throughout Southern CaliforniaExpress Electrical Services employs licensed electricians in Sunset Beach who are highly trained and qualified to provide electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades. Our local electricians are available during emergencies or for remodel projects. A beachfront community in Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach was established in 1905 near the site of the Huntington Beach Oil Field and was annexed into the city in August 2011. You can therefore depend on our Huntington Beach electrician to meet all your electrical and safety needs.

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At Your Door in 60-90 Minutes

You can depend on the best electricians in Sunset Beach to help in any kind of electrical emergency. Call us if you have dimming or flickering lights, power outages, surges, buzzing outlets, tripped breakers, sparks, burning plastic odors, or faulty wiring. Our certified electrician will troubleshoot the problem and find a quick and effective fix. We outdated aluminum wiring as well.

Customers in Sunset Beach also count on us for:

Electrical Repairs

We can fix electrical panel issues whether parts have worn out or the wrong fuses have caused damage. If there’s a circuit breaker problem, our residential electrician can address the issue before more damage occurs. Damaged cords and faulty wiring are major fire hazards, but our electrician in Sunset Beach can reach you quickly and replace anything as needed. No matter the problem, you can always count on Express Electrical Services for troubleshooting and fast electrical repair service.

Electrical Installation

With Express Electrical Services, you can find an electrician to handle any electrical installation. We specialize in installing:

EV Chargers

Our electrical contractors in Sunset Beach can install level 1, level 2, or DC fast chargers in your home. Keep your electric or hybrid vehicle charged with no risk of electric shock or fires.

Electrical Automation

Our Sunset Beach electricians install automated safety/security systems, wireless links to lighting/AC/heating/blinds/door locks, and landscape lighting that save energy and lower your energy output.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans provide energy efficient breezes during any season, save energy, and add overhead lighting; our professionals at Express Electrical Services can connect the electrical wiring whether you have a fixture/connection or not.

Electrical Re-Wiring

Our Huntington Beach electrician serves Sunset Beach homeowners with a variety of electrical re-wiring services. At Express Electrical Services, we do everything we can to protect your family and home. You can depend on our local electricians to install GFCI outlets, which prevent ground faults or current spikes. New outlets and switches can be installed where necessary. Older ones may not be up to code and faulty, rotten, or dried out wiring inside can be dangerous.

Able to fix a range of issues, our residential electrician can install kitchen appliances for you as well. Proper wiring can mean these demanding systems work properly and last. Our electrical contractors can install new electrical panels for you as well or upgrade an old panel or fuse box to meet current standards.

If you have old knob and tube wiring, have our licensed electrician upgrade it right away. Such a configuration doesn’t meet current codes and can leave your home uninsurable. New wiring will eliminate the fire hazard and ensure there’s enough power for your devices and appliances. On the other hand, we can find an electrician to help with electrical remodeling, and install wiring, fuses, outlets, and other components during renovations.

Home Safety

Express Electrical Services is equipped and prepared to help you with:

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Smoke Detectors are essential for your continued safety; our certified electrician can install each in the correct location and verify its operation, and we can hard-wire and interconnect all your alarms to ensure reliability.

Security Lighting

Dark areas surrounding your home can be hiding spots for possible intruders. We can install two-head floodlights, photocells, and motion sensors security lighting that secure your home from the outside and provide you with peace of mind.

Whole House Surge Protection

Storms, lightning, downed power lines, and other outside events can send powerful and dangerous surges into your home. A whole house surge protector prevents these from damaging your wiring, panels, and appliances.


As great as we are with electrical wiring, you can expect the same expertise when it comes to installing interior and exterior lighting. From accent lighting to installing ceiling fans and chandeliers, our team is prepared. We can install LED lighting, recessed lighting, and timers and dimmers, not to mention specialized bathroom and kitchen lighting.

Our Sunset Beach electricians can accent your exterior décor or install top-of-the-line landscape and pool lighting. Motion sensors can be installed to maximize safety and reduce energy usage. Our electrician in Huntington Beach can also install transformers to support your exterior lighting.

Best Electricians in Sunset Beach

Call your highly rated, local Stanton electrician for a consultation, upgrade, or electrical repair. We offer same-day service and can be at your home in 60-90* minutes after your first call. Serving all of Orange County, we provide customers with financing options and offer coupons and specials, so you save even more. In an emergency, don’t hesitate; contact Express Electrical Services for an emergency electrician and immediate electrical repair.



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