GFCI Outlet & Switch Installation & Repair in Orange County

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GFCI Outlet & Switch Installation & Repair in Orange County

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Today’s building codes are intended to protect homeowners, their families, and other occupants. An electrical shock can be a life-threatening experience and electrical burns can be quite traumatic to adults and children alike. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets can keep you protected, especially when outlets and appliances are exposed to water or moisture. To make sure your GFCI outlet or GFCI breaker is working properly, Express Electrical Service offers same-day and emergency installation and repair services in Orange County if you suspect a problem.

If you need outlet repair or a new GFCI, or switch installation or repair, we serve all residents in Orange County. Customers in Southern California have depended on our full range of electrical services since 1982. Our Orange County electricians are trained and experienced, so you can depend on them for timely and professional installations and repairs. You can call or request service 24/7 and we’ll send someone out to troubleshoot and address your outlet or switch concerns.

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How a GFCI Outlet Works

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor GFCI outlet, the component works the same. It is a device that continuously measures the flow of current through the outlet. If an imbalance between the hot slot and neutral slot is detected, the GFCI trips the circuit, cutting the power to the outlet. This prevents you from being shocked should you be using an electrical device exposed to moisture or you accidentally touch an exposed wire. The most common places you’ll find GFCI outlets are bathrooms, garages, and outdoor electrical installations.

You may also hear the term GFI. It is just an abbreviated term electricians tend to use, and is the same thing as a GFCI. Electrical outlet repair and installation for these should be performed by a professional contractor. They are not as simple as traditional outlets, and thus require a greater degree of expertise to install and repair.

Outlet/Switch Installation vs. Repair

If you have an old outlet that needs repairs, your best option is to replace it with a GFCI. Contact us and our Orange County electrician will inspect your outlets and the wires connected to them. The latest grounded outlets have three prongs instead of two, so if you have two-pronged outlets, that’s a good reason to have them replaced. Older outlets may also have degraded wires and contacts.

We provide emergency electrical repair in Orange County, and can reach your home within an hour, so contact us immediately if your outlets are:

  • Hot
  • Sparking
  • Cracked
  • Burnt
  • Buzzing

Flickering lights can also mean there is an outlet problem. An outlet may be outdated and not able to keep up with the demand, which can reduce power output and put your home at risk of a fire. New air conditioners, microwaves, computers, washer/dryers, and hot tubs may require you to install new outlets to support increased demand yet reduce the risk of harm to your family and home.

Complete and Dependable Electrical Wiring Service

You can depend on Express Electrical Services not only to install and update your wiring. Our electricians can also help install new appliances or new switches and boards, so you don’t have to risk damaging them or hurting yourself by trying the DIY approach. Whether you need an electrical device or appliance wired, or are expanding your home, you can count on our experienced technicians. We will even perform load balancing and safety inspections to guarantee proper installation and your family’s safety.

Do you live in Orange County and require electrical wiring service? Request a visit by a trained electrician on our website or call our Santa Ana office at 714-406-1322 today!


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