Residential EV Charger Installation in Santa Ana

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Residential EV Charger Installation in Santa Ana

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Express Electrical Services serves all of Southern California, where electric vehicles are all the rage. California ranks number one in the United States when it comes to the number of electric cars. The market share of plug-in vehicles surpassed that of hybrids in 2017. If you are looking for electric vehicle charger installation in Orange County, our experienced electricians can help you find the one you need.

Since 1982, we have provided a full range of electrical services in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. Customers have depended on us for electrical repairs, rewiring work, and emergency service. Our electricians are well-trained and knowledgeable, so you are never left in the dark or with a potentially dangerous electrical problem. From troubleshooting to repairs and upgrades to electrical installations in Santa Ana, no job is too big or too small, while our fast service and reliable prices benefit every customer.

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Why Install an EV Charger?

It would seem like the ultimate convenience to charge your vehicle at home. Electric vehicles (EV) are fuel efficient, comfortable, and quiet. So why not go the distance with an EV charging station installation in your garage?

After all, charging an EV, and finding a place to do so, is the biggest challenge with ownership. Electric car charging stations also charge a fortune. But there is a better alternative, which is to allow EV charging station installers to install your own station and connect it to your electrical system. Then all you need to do is plug your car in; and you pay only for the electricity you use in the process.

Types of EV Chargers

There are different types of home charging stations. Knowing which one you need can be a challenge, but our Santa Ana electrician can explain each and determine the most suitable one for your household. Each type has its pros and cons. It often comes down to what your electrical system can support, the charging method most suited for your vehicle, and how quickly you want it to be fully charged.

We offer three main types of EV chargers:

A Level 1 EV charger is the most basic type and allows you to plug your car directly into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet. While this is the most affordable option, it only yields about 4.5 miles of driving for every hour your vehicle is plugged in. If you want a faster rate of charging, there are other options to consider.
The most popular option, a Level 2 charger can give you 70 miles per each hour of charging. However, the actual range and speed of charging depends on your vehicle. The charging system is more expensive than a Level 1 charger, but more affordable than a DC fast charger, using 240 volts and running at anywhere from 16 to 40 amps.
If speed is your priority, a DC fast charger can give your ride 40 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging. It is generally used commercially because most homes don’t have enough power. To top it off, DC fast chargers are expensive, costing as much as $100,000 to purchase and install.

Residential Electric Car Charger Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Installing an EV charger, particularly a Level 2 system, is a technical process that requires a professional. Any mistakes can lead to an electric shock or fire. Our electricians in Santa Ana is trained and equipped to handle the process safely and get your EV charger working in no time. We can install a Level 1 charger if you don’t mind the slow pace of charging, or if you don’t drive that often.

Electric charging stations also qualify you for rebates. In California, homes and businesses that install Level 2 EV charging stations are eligible for rebates, so you can save even more by powering your vehicle at home. This is another reason to invest more.

Express Electrical Services: Experts at EV Charger Installation

Contact our Santa Ana office and our Santa Ana electrician will help you choose, install, or repair an EV charger. Experienced with EV charging station installation, our team responds quickly and is available 24/7. Our Santa Ana based electricians can reach you in 60 to 90* minutes. Affordable solutions are available, and our fix now pay later program (offered upon credit approval) makes it easier to afford the electrical work you need. Call 714-406-1322 or request service online to schedule an appointment.


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