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South Coast is a neighborhood in southern Santa Ana, located adjacent to the Bristol Plaza shopping mall and the larger South Coast Metro district. It is bordered by South Bristol Street to the west and South Flower Street to the east. The community is close to the 405 Freeway, John Wayne Airport, and shopping and business centers in and around Santa Ana.

South Coast’s #1 24-Hour Electrician

At Express Electrical Services, our local electricians are dispatched throughout the area. You can therefore depend on our South Coast electrician to be there the same day you call. Should there be a power outage or surge, buzzing outlet, sparking panel, frayed wire, burning plastic smell, or any sparking electrical component, our technicians can promptly troubleshoot and correct the problem.

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Electrical Services

We are known for our wide range of services in Southern California, and our electrician in South Coast can address:

If you thought a “smart” house was just for Bill Gates, think again. Features like programmable lighting, home security and appliances that respond to smartphone or voice control are within your reach with electrical automation.
We specialize in all types of installations, ranging from panels and circuit breakers to HVAC units, appliances, and outdoor and indoor lighting. All components need to be properly wired but you can expect professional help in this area.
If you’re remodeling your South Coast home, DIY installation of outlets, switches, and wiring can be risky, but we can help if you are renovating or adding a room.
Connecting any device or component requires skill and experience. Avoid the DIY route and call our South Coast electrician to safely address any wiring issue.

In addition, we provide electrical repair services in South Coast if you have a problem with a circuit breaker or fuse box. Whether you need an electrical panel upgrade or repair, our team can ensure your home is up to code. We install, repair, and replace outlets and switches, and even provide GFCI outlets where necessary. A GFCI provides shock and burn protection in areas electricity may be exposed to moisture.

Have old knob and tube wiring? It is a fire hazard and does not support multiple high-power appliances. We will efficiently replace it and can install ceiling fans, electric vehicle chargers, and indoor and outdoor lighting (including kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting, LED lighting, and recessed lighting) without a problem.

Home Safety Services

Even if you don’t electrical panel repair or something urgent, we take your safety seriously. Our electricians are trained to properly install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the right places. We’ll interconnect them to maximize your safety in emergencies and hard-wire your alarms to reduce reliance on batteries.

Is your home or business left in the dark at night? We can install floodlights and globe lights to startle potential intruders. Connected to motion sensors, these can instantly alert you to suspicious activity. And when danger strikes outside, a whole house surge protector can block powerful external surges from entering your home and causing major problems.

Call Our Electrician in South Coast Today

Whether you need to update your home, require a quick repair, or an emergency electrician, Express Electrical Services is here to help. We are a 24-hour electrician that offers same-day service and is trained to fix any problem. To set up a visit, call our Santa Ana office at 714-406-1322 or submit a service request online.



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