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We all need electricity to get through our days, we rely on electricity to help us out in every aspect of our lives. What do you do when you are faced with an electrical problem? You look for one of the best electricians in Anaheim.

At Express Electrical Services, we are ready to offer you our electrical troubleshooting services. We will step in and find a solution to your problem, whether that is an issue with flickering lights, power outages, or a switch not working. Our Anaheim electricians will offer you the care that you are looking for and the support that you need, knowing that your electricity needs to be back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Anaheim electricians have an office located in Santa Ana to better able to serve our customers.


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Emergency Electrician Available 24/7

Our Anaheim electricians are available 24/7 for any emergencies. Our 24 hour electrician can be at your home in under 90 minutes and can take care of your flickering lights, electrical repairs & more

Residential Electrician in Anaheim

Our professional residential electrician services include:

If you thought a “smart” house was just for Bill Gates, think again. Features like programmable lighting, home security and appliances that respond to smartphone or voice control are within your reach with electrical automation.

Our electrical contractors can assist you with a wide range of electrical installation jobs in Anaheim, including:

  • Electrical Panels
  • Electrical Outlets
  • EV Chargers
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
  • Home Lighting
  • Home Automation
  • Ceiling and Attic Fans
  • HVAC Units

We are here to assist you with the electrical aspects of remodeling and luxury additions, including advanced lighting controls, LED recessed lighting and lighting automation that allows for iPad/smartphone control.

It is important that you call a professional electrician if you are considering re-wiring your home. We offer a variety of professional re-wiring services, including:

  • Ground Fault Interrupter Circuits
  • Replacement Switches, Outlets, and Dimmers
  • New Wiring for Kitchen Appliances
  • Electrical Service/Panel Upgrade
  • Fuse Box Upgrade
  • Knob and Tube Replacement
  • Service Entrance Cable/Meter Socket Installation
  • Electric Baseboard Heater Installation
  • Electrical Repairs

If you have two-prong outlets, builder’s grade or wiring that is connected with “backstabbing,” it’s time to upgrade your outlets & switches.

Our local electricians in Anaheim can assist you with all your electrical troubleshooting and repair needs, including:

  • Electrical Panel Issues
  • Circuit Breaker Trips
  • Power Surges
  • Power Outages
  • Dimming or Flickering Lights
  • Faulty Power Outlets
  • Buzzing Noises
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Damaged Cords or Wires
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Faulty Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI)
  • Smell of Burning Plastic
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Old electrical fuse panels can be a fire hazard. Consider replacing your fuse box with a state of the art 200-amp circuit breaker box.

Do you drive an electric car? We offer professional installation of home EV chargers for your electric vehicle in Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast charging.

GFCI breaker is a specialized outlet that can eliminate the risk of shocks from the items that are plugged into it. These outlets are typically installed in areas with moisture, like bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors. Give Express Electrical Services a call and we can send a certified electrician in Anaheim to install one.

Knob and tube electrical systems date back to the 1800s. If your home still has this archaic system, it’s time to upgrade.

Home Safety Services

Express Electrical Services can also send a licensed electrician to assist you with the installation and optimization of:

California law states a carbon monoxide detector should be placed within 10 feet of every bedroom. Is your property in compliance? If not, call our Anaheim Electricians to update your carbon monoxide detector systems.

An experienced Anaheim electrician can assist you with strategic placement of security lighting, including spotlights, floodlights and motion detectors to ensure safety on your property.

Protect your family from the dangers of fire and smoke with a professionally installed hard-wired smoke detection and alarm system.

Lightning and downed power lines can send tens of thousands of volts of power into your home, damaging appliances and reducing lifespan. Whole house surge protection is an affordable solution that will give you peace of mind even during major storms.

Interior and Exterior Lighting 

Our residential lighting installers are professional, creative, well-trained and experienced. Our Anaheim electricians can assist you in designing and installing the ideal indoor or exterior lighting solution for your property.

Your Go-To Anaheim Electricians

Whether you are building a new home or if you have a sudden power outage, contact our Anaheim electricians at Express Electrical Services. Our 24-hour emergency electricians are available at all times of the day for any electrical issues that may arise. We can even be at your home in under 90 minutes*.

Browse our financing options & coupons to save on your next electrical project. Express Electrical Services provides services to residents throughout Southern California, including Los AngelesOrange CountyVentura County & more. Contact us at 855-590-8785 or fill out our contact form to request service.



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