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Express Electrical Services is qualified for any type of electrical repair or service. Our technicians receive the most comprehensive training possible, so we can deal with anything from minor electrical issues to major repairs and remodel work. Customers in Surfside, California, depend on us for prompt service. Otherwise known as Surfside Colony, the 0.1 square mile community is renowned for its water tower and proximity to the beach. Whether they live here full-time or seasonally, residents trust our Surfside electrician to install, fix, rewire, and automate their electrical systems.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Whenever there’s an electrical emergency, our 24-hour electrician can be at your home in 60-90* minutes. Our electricians in Surfside can address various urgent situations. If a power outage occurs because of faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, or a circuit breaker problem, our licensed electrician will find the cause. Power surges can do significant damage and cause fires, but we can eliminate the risk and prevent dangerous surges.

Call our emergency electrician right away if you notice:

  •   A burning plastic smell
  •   Dimming/flickering lights
  •   Damaged power cords
  •   Faulty wiring
  •   Buzzing outlets
  •   A dead outlet

Electrical Repair Services

Our Surfside electrical contractors are highly skilled at repairing various electrical issues, including electrical panel problems. They can determine if the wrong fuse is installed or the existing panel is not properly rated. We replace outlets, lights, and outdated/faulty wiring. For example, aluminum wiring with thermal damage, making it a fire hazard, can be quickly replaced with copper wiring. No matter your electrical trouble, our local electricians can find and fix the problem.

Home Rewiring Services

As a Surfside electrician with extensive experience, we can re-wire any electrical appliance or component. Re-wiring your home takes special tools and training. That’s why you can depend on us for:

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) – Cut the power if there’s a current imbalance, protecting you from shocks and burns. A GFCI outlet is especially useful where moisture is often present, such as the bathroom.

Outlets/Switches – Electrical outlets and switches can fail or the wires inside can rot or dry out. Our residential electrician easily makes the appropriate fixes.

Kitchen Appliances – Wiring a new kitchen appliance often sounds easier than it is. For the best results, find an electrician to avoid mistakes that can lead to appliance malfunctions, failures, and fires.

Electrical Panels – An electrical panel, the control center for your home electrical system, or a faulty/outdated electrical sub panel, should be replaced and updated as needed by a professional.

Knobs & Tubes – Older homes often have outdated knob and tube wiring. We’ll upgrade the system to support modern electrical demands and eliminate problems such as degraded insulation.

Electrical Remodeling – If you’re redoing a room or adding one, call our Surfside electrician to install every electrical component and device you need and can rely on for years to come.

Home Electrical Installations

Whether it’s a panel installation/upgrade, new outlet installation, or a new fan, HVAC unit, or kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting, our electrical contractors can pretty much install any component or part. We also specialize in EV charger installation. Our residential electrician in Surfside is trained to install different types of electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations in your garage.

You can also depend on our licensed electrician for home automation services. These include:

  • Linking smart locks and security cameras to your smartphone.
  • Wirelessly connecting controls with lighting, AC/heating, appliances, blinds, etc.
  • Connecting landscape lighting to timers and smartphone controls.

Home Safety Services

Believe it or not, our local electricians can do alot to improve home safety. We can interconnect and hard-wire your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. This offers the peace of mind of always being alerted during an emergency.

Our electrician in Surfside can also handle all your security lighting needs. There are many hiding places outside your home. Spotlights and motion sensors can scare away any intruder hiding in the bushes or behind a back wall.

Severe storms and lightning may send tens of thousands of volts surging into your home. We can prevent major damage by installing a whole house surge protector, so surges won’t burn out your TVs, computers, refrigerators, and other electronic systems.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Are you considering a lighting upgrade or repair? We can address accent lighting inside and out, and install ceiling fans, chandeliers, recessed lights, and other fixtures. Our Surfside electrician is experienced installing dimmers, timers, and lighting controls as well.

Outside your home, we can provide lighting to beautify your landscape, patio, or yard. Our technicians are skilled at installing pool lighting as well. You can also depend on us to install motion sensors that add convenience and security, in addition to electrical transformers to power outdoor lighting.

Contact Express Electrical Services

A dependable, highly-rated electrician in Surfside, we offer reliable prices and can arrive at your home in 60-90* minutes. Whether you need a small electrical repair or an emergency electrician, our 24-hour electrician is ready to help. We are available throughout Orange County. Contact us at 714-406-1322 for information on our services, financing, and coupons/specials and to schedule a visit today.



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