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Express Electrical Services is the electrician people trust for their installations, repairs, remodel work in Orange County. Highly rated, we are a trained and qualified residential electrician in Fullerton, CA, a city of more than 135,000 people. Fullerton, located just 11 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, has a mild Mediterranean climate. You can therefore see why air conditioning, heating, and other electrical services is so important year-round.

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24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Our 60-90* minute lead time makes us the perfect emergency electrician to call during a power outage or if you have a power surge, faulty electrical panel, a buzzing outlet, or smell burning plastic. If something sparks or you notice old aluminum wiring that has frayed or distorted due to temperature changes, call us immediately. Our 24-hour electrician will be there promptly to fix the problem and restore your peace of mind and safety.

Electrical Repair in Fullerton

Flickering and dimming lights are annoying, but they can signify much more than a nuisance as an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring may be to blame. These can increase the risk of a fire so it’s best to have an electrician in Fullerton come by and inspect the problem. We are also prepared to fix damaged power cords, replace old aluminum wiring, and address your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Our local electricians can repair any type of electrical issue, including fixing circuit breakers and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors as well.

Home Rewiring Services

You can depend on our experienced electrical contractors to rewire any electrical device, appliance, or hardware. That includes but is not limited to:

faulty electrical panel can wreak havoc around your house. We fix the problem and even upgrade your existing electrical sub-panel to a 200-amp model that supports the demand of today’s power-hungry appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other technologies.
Protection against electrical burns or shocks is important, especially when moisture is present. A ground fault interrupter circuit constantly monitors current and cuts the flow whenever there’s an imbalance—in just a fraction of a second.
An improperly wired outlet, switch, or dimmer can affect how electrical devices work and create a fire hazard, while bad wiring behind an installation may be problematic as well. Our licensed electricians in Fullerton can quickly replace these to ensure your safety.
It’s always best to have a professional handle the installation of refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances. Express Electrical Services will make sure they are wired correctly and work as designed, so they are more likely to last.
If you still have old knobs and tubes connected to your electrical system, this is a problem. These don’t support modern electricity demands and are often poorly insulated, creating a fire hazard. Contact our Fullerton electrician to replace them immediately.

When you are renovating a room or building an addition to your home, its important to find an electrician experienced to perform electrical remodeling services. Our technicians know how to correctly install wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, outlets, and everything else you need.

Home Electrical Installations

In addition to panels, outlets, and any other electrical component, our Fullerton Electrician can install kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting. Our technicians can also help modernize your home with EV chargers and home electrical automation systems. An electric vehicle charger in your garage makes for a truly “green” home. Our licensed electrician can connect your door locks, security cameras, lighting, small appliances, and more wirelessly, so you can manage everything from your tablet or smartphone. Give us a call to see how we can help with your residential electrical installation.

Home Safety Services

Our licensed Fullerton electricians can install, repair, interconnect, and hard-wire your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These are essential safety components for any home. Outside your house, we can reinforce security with floodlights and motion sensors, so there are no places to hide. We’re also equipped and trained to prevent massive voltage surges from causing major damage in your home. Our residential electrician can install a whole house surge protector to stop this from happening.

Lighting Services

You can also depend on Express Electrical Services for lighting upgrades, wiring & repairs. Inside your home, you can find an electrician with us who can professionally install:

  • Accent lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Chandeliers
  • Dimmers
  • Recessed lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Kitchen/bathroom lighting

On the outside, we can do so much to liven up your property and boost curb appeal, such as installing:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Exterior accent lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Transformers

Call a Highly Rated Electrician in Fullerton

A 24-hour electrician serving all of Orange County, we can be at your door in 60-90* minutes. You can always depend on our local electricians for quality service and benefit from reliable prices. If you’re looking for a qualified Fullerton Electrician or an emergency electrician to address your immediate needs, contact us right away. Financing is available for all projects—and also check for specials and coupons to save.



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