Electric Repair in Santa Ana, CA

When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Electric Repair in Santa Ana, CA

Trusted Orange County Electrician Available 24/7 for Emergency Electrical Repairs

Express Electrical Services employs licensed, trained, and experienced electricians ready to meet any electrical repair need in Orange County. We can fix anything, from a lighting problem to faulty panels and wiring. Serving all of Southern California, we can dispatch a Santa Ana electrician to your home at any time—day or night. The availability of a 24-hour electrician means you never need to be left with a major electrical problem that can lead to severe damage, injuries, or a fire.

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Our electricians in Santa Ana, serving all of Orange County, are capable of performing a full range of electrical repairs. If you live in Orange County, we can quickly and reliably provide any electrical repair service to address:

Santa Ana Electricians Prepared to Meet All Electrical Needs

Every home blows a fuse occasionally. If your fuses continue to keep blowing out, there is likely an underlying issue such as faulty wiring. Perhaps your electrical panel is old and needs to be updated, but the issue should be quickly assessed and fixed by our professional Santa Ana electricians.

The electricity should always stay inside your wires and appliances. If sparks or electrical arcs are visible, wires and outlets could end up melting, and you may eventually find yourself dealing with a fire, so call an emergency electrician in Santa Ana!

If there’s a persistent buzz from an outlet, a wiring issue or a problem with the outlet itself may be the cause. Only someone with experience is equipped to handle the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Your outlets should be firm whenever you plug something in or out. A potential loose connection can cause an electric shock, but our electrician in Orange County can quickly fix the outlet so you don’t have to worry.

The smell of burning plastic at home means there’s a wiring problem; heat is likely melting the insulation, which can trigger a fire that can spread throughout your home. The odor is unmistakable so turn off your circuit breaker and contact our emergency electrician.

Fixtures can be damaged by flickering or dimming lights; if this happens in calm weather, the underlying cause can be faulty wiring or a circuit that is overloaded. When more than one lamp flickers, there is cause for concern.

If you get shocked from an electrical outlet, this is not normal. The outlet may be wired improperly or there may be a ground fault; if not fixed, shocks can cause injury and even damage to your appliances and home.

A sudden power surge can burn out electrical devices and an outage is an inconvenience that must be immediately addressed. Our emergency electricians serving Orange County are equipped to find the source of the problem and make the appropriate repairs.

Santa Ana Home Electrical Repair Services

They may need to be replaced if new appliances demand more electrical power, or if internal wires have rotted or dried out.

We can repair your circuit breaker and other electrical circuits if you experience any unusual issues with your electrical system.

If you’re residential home wiring is improperly installed, faulty, or outdated, it should be replaced to improve reliability, safety, and peace of mind.

A damaged power cord can limit the supply of electricity in your home, and it can be a fire hazard; shut the power if you see exposed wiring and call us right away.

Today’s modern appliances and electronics are best supported by a 200-amp panel, which can make your home more functional and valuable when you put it on the market.

Our electrical services include lighting repair, whether you have traditional fixtures, recessed lighting, LED lights, or light-based fixtures such as ceiling fans and chandeliers; we service exterior lighting systems as well.

Our electrician can increase protection against shocks and burns by installing a ground fault interrupter circuit, or GFCI, especially in places moisture is present, such as your bathroom.

We install, inspect, and fix your detectors and can even hard-wire them to your electrical system, so battery strength is never a concern; interconnecting both types increases your safety as well.

Call Our Orange County Electrician Right Away

With electricians in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach & all of Orange County, Express Electrical Services dispatches crews throughout the area, so we can reach your home quickly. An emergency electrician can be at your door in 60-90* minutes. If you need electric repair in Orange County, do not hesitate to call us at 714-406-1322 and inquire about financing. We also offer specials and coupons for customers anywhere in Orange and Southern California, so you can save on electrical repairs and restore your electricity and safety.


We service residents all throughout Los Angeles County, including:


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