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If you’re looking for a highly rated, licensed Westminster electrician to meet all your electrical needs, you’ve come to the right place. Express Electrical Services serves all of Orange County and is proud to be available to Westminster residents, from Little Saigon to Los Alisos Estates. Our trained local electricians in Westminster can visit whether you have flickering lights or a power outage, or want your own home Electric Vehicle charger station. Contact us today!

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24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services

24 hour emergency electrician in Westminster is available to meet all your electrical needs. Do you have outdated lighting or electrical components, or hear or smell something funny? With us, you never have to wait long. A residential electrician will be at your home in 60-90* minutes. Any problem can be fixed quickly, whether it’s a faulty electrical panel, bad wiring, or power surge.

Residential Electrical Services

We can send a licensed electrician to your home to address a variety of electrical issues, including:

Even if your home wasn’t built as a smart house, we can install an electrical automation system for wireless control, efficiency, and energy savings. Even benefit from data and voice control, and the improved safety and security it provides.
Our electricians provide electrical installations in Westminster for a variety of systems, including installing an electrical outlet or replacing an entire electrical system if you need an electrical panel upgrade. Our Westminster electricians can also install your bathroom, kitchen, or garage lighting; a ceiling or attic fan; or an HVAC unit.
Home improvements often require electrical system updates. New lighting systems, both indoors and outdoors, can be installed. These include automated lighting and LED recessed lighting with numerous designs and color options.
Call us for an electrical contractor in Westminster who is trained and equipped to replace outdated wiring, install new wiring for appliances, or replace your switches, outlets, and dimmers. We can install ground fault interrupt circuits or update your fuse box. Contact us to see how we can help with your residential electrical rewiring.
Whether you need lighting repair or have flickering lights, a burning smell, or hear buzzing sounds, call our 24 hour electrician to fix the problem immediately. Our Westminster electricians provide a range of electrical repairs. We can even troubleshoot issues and repair overloaded circuit breakers, dimming lights, and damaged cords.

Fuse panels can last for decades, but old ones can put your safety at risk. Sizzling noises, flickering lights, or arcing mean there’s a serious problem. An electrical panel upgrade supports modern appliances, eliminates problems, and increases the safety and resale value of your home.

In addition, we can send local electricians to install, repair, or replace any component. We can also have an electrician in Westminster install an EV charger. This not only enables you to charge your electric vehicle at home, but also avoid the high prices of local charging stations.

At Express Electrical Services, we are totally dedicated to safety. If you don’t have a GFCI outlet, we can send a licensed electrician to install one to eliminate your risk of shock. We’ll even upgrade and replace old knobs and tubes to increase circuit capacity and eliminate issues such as poor insulation. Outlet and switch upgrades improve electrical performance and safety as well, especially if you have old two-prong outlets or other parts.

Home Safety Services from an Experienced Electrical Contractor in Westminster

If you need a Westminster electrician to assess your home safety, look no further than Express Electrical Services. We can send a 24 hour electrician to check, install, and service carbon monoxide detectors, and are familiar with the legal requirements regarding placement and function. Smoke detectors are your best line of protection against residential fires; we can install hard-wired models, so drained batteries are never a concern.

Aside from lighting repair and other residential electrical services, our electricians in Westminster install outside security lighting to eliminate dark areas intruders can take advantage of. Two-headed floodlights are available with motion detectors and photocells, so they only operate in the dark. We can also protect your entire home with whole house surge protection, which eliminate power fluctuations that can damage appliances and require us to install an electrical outlet prematurely.

Lighting Services

Call Express Electrical Services and a residential electrician can install or service your home’s interior & exterior lighting:

Interior Lighting – Our Westminster electricians install accent lighting to highlight living room, kitchen, or bathroom décor. Ceiling fans, chandeliers, LED lighting, recessed lighting, dimmers, and lighting controls can be installed as well.

Exterior Lighting – Beautifully designed lighting for your exterior can impress neighbors and increase curb appeal. Our installers are innovative and creative, and install landscape, accent, and pool lighting along with transformers and motion sensors.

Contact Your Westminster Electrician Today

Whether you need an electrical installation or a 24 hour emergency electrician in Westminster, Express Electrical Services can be there quickly. Our Orange County electricians serve the entire area, can reach our customers within 60-90* minutes.

Highly rated for our installation, remodel, upgrade, and repair services, we also offer financing and specials. Check for updated coupons online, or contact us for service today.



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