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Artesia Pilar is an affluent community with high-value homes, located west of downtown Santa Ana. The neighborhood has been the focus of development since its origin in 1918. Its northwestern fringes border the Santa Ana River, while Santa Ana College is situated within the northeastern corner of Artesia Pilar.

Whether you need an emergency electrician, or you require an inspection or upgrade for an older home, our Artesia Pilar electrician is available to help. Express Electrical Services is the #1 emergency electrical services provider in the area. We offer same-day electrical services and a 24-hour electrician to help with any type of problem. Call us immediately if you have any of the following problems:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Power outages
  • Electrical surges
  • Sparking outlets
  • Buzzing outlets
  • Burning plastic odors
  • Electrical shocks/burns
  • Flickering lights

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Our Specialties

Electrical automation expertise makes our local electricians in Artesia Pilar the top professionals to call on. We can provide everything a modern smart home needs. Our team will link security cameras to your smartphone so you can view video feeds, alarm notifications, and speak over your intercom from a mobile device. Also control your lights, air conditioning, blinds, landscape lighting, and more remotely.

Our team of electrical installation professionals can help with a wide range of projects, no matter how small or large. Don’t take a chance being a DIY hero. Our trained and experienced electrician understands exactly how to install any of the following:

An old fuse box may need repairs or an upgrade. By installing a modern circuit breaker, you can reset a breaker rather than replace it. Circuit breakers route current to every circuit in your home, so don’t take any chances.

Installing a ceiling fan requires knowledge of your home wiring system. We work with existing connections and can install new bracing and electrical boxes as needed, while specializing in ceiling fans that work indoors or outdoors.

Our local electricians in Artesia Pilar install electric vehicle chargers that match your home’s electrical capacity and charge your electric/hybrid vehicle directly from an electrical socket.

We safely install outlets/switches and ground fault circuit interrupters, which protect your family in places electricity and moisture might meet.

Old knob and tube wiring degrades easily and doesn’t handle high loads. This is a dangerous recipe, especially with the demands of modern appliances and electronic devices.

Installing bathroom, kitchen, and garage lighting takes experience; we also specialize in accent lighting, LED/recessed lighting, and installing chandeliers, dimmers, timers, motion sensors, and pool and landscape lighting.

Whether you need a new electrical panel or any kind of re-wiring, we can be there quickly to help. We address any electrical repair promptly and can take part in your electrical remodeling, installing circuit breakers, outlets, switches, fans, and wiring in new rooms and additions.

Home Safety Services

State guidelines are strict in terms of carbon monoxide detector placement. Along with smoke detectors, these alarms can save lives. Our Artesia Pilar electrician can interconnect both to maximize your safety, and hard-wire them to avoid the risk of dead batteries. We can install a security lighting system outside your home to deter intruders, and whole house surge protection to block dangerous surges from destroying your electronics or your entire home.

Call Express Electrical Services for Same-Day Repairs and Installations

We are the premier electrician in Artesia Pilar, Santa Ana. You can count on our 24-hour electrician to help with fixing an electrical panel, addressing an emergency, or installing wiring, lighting, or any electrical fixture or appliance. Call our Santa Ana team at 714-406-1322 to schedule service or emergency repairs today!

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