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Orange County Electrician Providing Reliable & Fast Service for Over 25 Years

Express Electrical Services has been serving homeowners in Southern California since 1982. We are the #1 electrician in Anaheim Hills, a planned community in eastern Anaheim. Parts of Anaheim hills were developed in the 1940s and 1950s, while others were built in the 1970s. Today, about 55,000 people live in the community’s many neighborhoods.

Office Location & Phone Number:
700 N S Main St Suite C 
Santa Ana, CA 92701.


A 24/7 Electrician for Emergency Services

We provide same-day electrical service thanks to technicians dispatched to your area. Our electricians are fully trained and state certified, while committed to completing each project in a professional, safe, and timely manner. A 60-90-minute response time means an emergency electrician is available if you experience a power outage or surge. Contact us immediately if you notice:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged cords
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Sparking outlets
  • Buzzing panels
  • Foul burning odors
  • An electric shock
  • Smoke or fire

Electrical Automation Services

Our local electricians can improve the safety and security of your home with smart locks and cameras. You can access your security feed or speak over your intercom via smartphone. We’ll even automate your AC, blinds, lighting, and door locks as well as your landscape lighting with controls and timers.

Electrical Installation in Anaheim Hills

We can install any component or fixture that connects to your electrical system. You can therefore depend on your Anaheim Hills electrician to install:

Distribute current to all circuits, and therefore require complex connections; contact us to troubleshoot your electrical panel.

If your circuit breakers trip repeatedly, or you have old fuses, contact our electrician in Anaheim Hills to troubleshoot or update the system.

We provide installation and outlet repair to ensure all your connections are safe to use.

Often require installing mountings and electrical connections, but our technicians are trained to install all types of fans.

Outlet and switch repair and replacement is no problem and we install ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against burns and shocks.

Charge your electric or hybrid vehicle by plugging it into your electrical grid, so you start your day with full power.

We install accent, LED, and recessed lighting as well as ceiling fans, chandeliers, and various lighting controls.

Electrical Repairs

No matter what’s broken, we can fix it. Our electrical repair professionals work around-the-clock. They can immediately address wiring issues, lighting problems, and malfunctioning appliances and provide instant switch repair. Finding the root of the problem, our Anaheim Hills electrician can quickly restore your power and peace of mind.

Electrical Remodeling 

Renovating a room or adding a section to your home? You’ll need circuit breakers, an electrical panel, wiring, sockets, switches, lights, and more. We’ll even handle the permit process for you. If you still have knob and tube wiring, let us upgrade it to improve your home’s safety, functionality, and value

Home Safety Services

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are required by law and can save your life. Allow us to install your alarms and ensure they work. We can make them more dependable by hardwiring and interconnecting them, so you’re protected during any emergency.

Security lighting eliminates hiding places for potential intruders and can warn you of trouble. We install security lights, motions sensors, digital timers, and photocells. Your home can be protected from natural events such as lighting too, with whole house surge protection—a single system that avoids massive overloads.

Call Express Electrical Services Day or Night

We are there in 60-90 minutes if you need an emergency electrician in Anaheim Hills. Trusted throughout Southern California, we employ trained, certified technicians who can install, troubleshoot, and fix all electrical components. Call us at 714-406-1322 in Orange County to schedule service, tell us your emergency, or learn more about our latest coupons and specials.



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