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Orange County Electricians Providing Reliable & Fast Service for Over 25 Years

Express Electrical Services is proud to be the #1 emergency electrician in Villa Park, providing prompt, same-day service in this small Orange County city. Villa Park has an estimated population of close to 6,000 and is known for its ½ acre single-family residences. The small community has one small shopping center and a branch of the Orange County Public Library, as well as four Orange County public schools.

24/7 Electrical Services in Villa Park

Our Villa Park electrician is always available for emergencies. That means you can always depend on a trained professional to handle faulty wiring or flickering/dimming lights. Thanks to our 24-hour electrician dispatched to your area, we can quickly deal with buzzing outlets, burning plastic odors, sparking electrical components, power outages, surges, and tripped circuit breakers.

You can also depend on our local electricians for automationinstallation, and repairs. We install advanced security cameras and motion sensors. Use your smartphone to view video feeds, control your home intercom, or receive security alerts. Also control lights, blinds, and air conditioning in your smart home.

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Hire an Experienced Villa Park Electrician

We install anything electrical, meaning you can depend on us to safely install an electrical panelcircuit breakers, fuse boxes, outlets, and switches. If you don’t have a ground fault circuit interrupter, contact Express Electrical Services to install at least one. A GFCI outlet cuts the flow of current if a fault is detected, avoiding electric shock if your using a hairdryer or power tool near a source of moisture.

Our Villa Park technicians also help with installing fixtures such as ceiling fans, which can have difficult electrical connections. Whether replacing an existing fan or installing one from scratch, we’re here to help. We also install kitchen appliances and EV chargers. Our team will help match an EV charging system with your home so you can drive off with a full battery each morning.

Local Electricians Dedicated to Home Safety

No matter what, we keep you safe. Home lighting requires a substantial electrical demand and can put you at risk if not properly installed. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and garage lighting as well as installing, dimmers, timers, and chandeliers as well as advanced LED, recessed, and landscape lighting.

Old wiring systems can put your home at risk of a fire. Aluminum wiring degrades quite easily, while knob and tube systems are not only non-compliant and low in capacity but may be so worn an electrical fire may be imminent. Replacing knob and tube wiring isn’t the only safety service we provide, as you can depend on our team for:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – Both are required by law, and we can properly locate and install them, while hard-wiring and interconnecting your alarms to improve their dependability.
  • Security Lighting – Motion controlled floodlights can eliminate any hiding spots around your home so that potential intruders will be scared away, and you’ll be notified immediately if something is happening.
  • Whole House Surge Protection – A surge protector for your entire house can block powerful currents, preventing them from wreaking havoc on your electronics and appliances or causing a disastrous house fire.

Call Your Villa Park Emergency Electrician Today

Express Electrical Services is available 24/7 to address any problem, find its root cause, and fix it before it gets worse. Whether you require a repair or need to discuss an upgrade or remodel project, contact our Santa Ana office and our electrician in Villa Park will be there to provide same-day service. For questions or assistance, call 714-406-1322.



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