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When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Express Electrical Services has been providing emergency repair and same-day electrical services in Yorba Linda since 1982. We are the 24/7 Yorba Linda electrician you can trust. Located about 37 miles from downtown Los Angeles, the suburban city is the home of President Richard Nixon’s birthplace, a presidential library, and museum. It is the location of Savi Ranch, originally a water company and now a location of retailers, restaurants, offices, hotels, and auto dealers.

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24/7 Emergency Electrician in Yorba Linda

Contact us if you notice sparking, buzzing, or burnt outlets or panels, or there is a smell like burning plastic. Even seemingly minor issues such as flickering lights can indicate a more serious wiring or overload problem. Our emergency electrician in Yorba Linda can troubleshoot any issue, find it’s cause, and perform any repairs necessary. Attempting repairs yourself, or procrastinating, can be very dangerous, risking severe injuries or the safety of your family.

You can count on us for a wide range of electrical services. Whether you have an emergency or require any service, call our residential electrician in Yorba Linda for:

By automating your home, you can make it safer, more efficient, and more affordable to run. Our electricians can enable wireless control of your lighting system, air conditioning, appliances, and blinds. Control your landscape lighting via smartphone, or access your security camera feeds remotely.

When you need an electrical installation for any electrical component or system, you can count on our Yorba Linda electrician. Our team safely installs outlets, panels, wiring, lighting, and even ceiling fans, chandeliers, and HVAC units.

Power surges, outages, tripped circuit breakers, and other problems demand immediate attention. We answer calls quickly so you’re not left worrying about what’s next. Fast repairs mean safety and peace of mind.
Just about any home renovation requires electrical work. Allow our electrician to install wiring, service panels, devices, and even kitchen appliances; we’ll even ensure the safety of your remodel with GFCI outlets.
Count on us to wire all your electrical components and devices. Whenever you suspect your wiring is damaged or outdated, we can provide electrical wiring repairs and upgrade older wiring to boost safety and compliance.
Your home’s electrical panel distributes power throughout your home; whether it needs repair or an update, Our Yorba Linda electricians can be there. We upgrade older breaker and fuse boxes to 200-amp panels to support your electrical needs
Ceiling fans require expert electrical installation. Whether you have an existing mounting and connection or require new wiring, Express Electrical Services can be there. We’ll even install mounting boxes, bracing, and other components as necessary.
We specialize in all types of electric vehicle chargers and can install them in Yorba Linda homes, so residents don’t have to search for local charging stations. Charge your electric/hybrid vehicle in your garage.
Problems with these fixtures can be dangerous and raise the risk of shocks, burns, and fires. We safely install outlets, switches, and ground fault circuit interrupters to keep you safe.
Our electrician in Yorba Linda specializes in upgrading old knob and tube wiring so your home is up to code, and the demands of multiple high-power appliances are supported.
We install a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting, including accent lighting, LED lighting, recessed lights, dimmers, timers, and lighting controls as well as chandeliers and ceiling fan lighting fixtures.

Home Safety Services

Aside from electrical repair, our residential electrician in Yorba Linda can provide a range of home safety services. We can install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These are crucial to home safety and we can enhance their value by hard-wiring and interconnecting your alarms. Security lighting protects your home from the outside. Motion sensors trigger the lights whenever there is something suspicious nearby. You can also count on us for whole house surge protection, which defends your home and family against powerful currents caused by lightning and other events out of your control.

Call Your Yorba Linda Electrician Today

Our professional electricians, dispatched to your area, can reach your home in 60-90 minutes. We can handle any electrical problem, repair, or installation. You can depend on a trained 24/7 electrician and our same-day electrical services to restore your safety and peace of mind. Contact us at 714-406-1322 or request service online.



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