Residential Electrical Wiring & Rewiring in Orange County

When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Residential Electrical Wiring & Rewiring in Orange County

Orange County Emergency Electricians Available 24/7 to Troubleshoot Any Electrical Wiring Issues

Homeowners often require electrical wiring services. You may need our Orange County electrician to replace a damaged cable or outlet, improve safety with a GFCI outlet, or assist with rewiring a house during a remodeling project. Our team of trained electricians often help Orange County residents with wiring and rewiring jobs. Equipped with tools and experience, they avoid the risks of going the DIY route. Regardless of what electrical wiring service you need, our licensed and experienced professionals can quickly and safely address your concerns.

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Signs You May Need to Rewire Your House

The symptoms of a house wiring problem are usually quite noticeable. Contact our Orange County electricians if you notice:

  • Circuit breakers that keep tripping.
  • The lights keep flickering or dimming.
  • Burnt electrical sockets.
  • A burning plastic odor.
  • Outdated aluminum wiring
  • A damaged power cord.

Available 24/7 and able to reach your home in as little as 60 minutes, we provide the following to those who require our expertise in electrical wiring in Orange County:

If you need new switches or outlets installed in Orange County, we can install ground fault interrupt circuits to protect you from high electrical currents, along with all the necessary electrical outlet wiring. Able to detect a ground fault and cut the flow in a fraction of a second, a GFCI outlet can avoid dangerous electrical shocks and burns.

All your home’s wiring and electrical circuits are connected at the main electric panel. Whether you need repairs or an electrical panel upgrade in Orange County, we can safely address your wiring needs and ensure your installation meets all current codes. Also, we can eliminate any fire risks associated with older and/or faulty panels.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping or isn’t working as it should, your home is at risk of an electrical overload or fire. Various devices may be damaged as well. Our Orange County electrician can find the problem and fix or replace any defective wiring causing your breaker panel to malfunction.

A ceiling fan helps keep your home cool and comfortable. Proper wiring helps fans run efficiently and reliably, but wiring issues can cause them to act up. Faulty wiring may also affect lights integrated into the unit. Call our wiring experts to install, troubleshoot, and repair your Orange County ceiling fan to keep you safe.

Contact us for an Orange County home rewire project if your home still has knob and tube wiring. The norm decades ago, this setup does not hold up to today’s modern demands and can violate building codes. We will replace it to eliminate the fire risk and give your home a modernized update.

In addition, we can service electrical wiring in Orange County for kitchen appliances, kitchen/bathroom/garage lighting, baseboard heaters, and home remodeling projects. Contact us to address your house wiring needs for your service entrance cable or meter socket as well. Our electricians are fully trained to handle all wiring issues.

Complete and Dependable Electrical Wiring Service

You can depend on Express Electrical Services not only to install and update your wiring. Our electricians can also help install new appliances or new switches and boards, so you don’t have to risk damaging them or hurting yourself by trying the DIY approach. Whether you need an electrical device or appliance wired, or are expanding your home, you can count on our experienced technicians. We will even perform load balancing and safety inspections to guarantee proper installation and your family’s safety.

Do you live in Orange County and require electrical wiring service? Request a visit by a trained electrician on our website or call our Santa Ana office at 714-406-1322 today!


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