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Customers throughout Orange County are served by Express Electrical Services, a trained, qualified, and licensed electrician that can address any electrical need. Our electricians in Los Alamitos are highly rated for quickly providing electrical repairelectrical remodels, and electrical installations. Customers depend on our fast emergency response times and ability to handle any sized project.

Los Alamitos, home to over 11,000 people, is approximately 23 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Its western border lies along the 605 freeway. The Joint Forces Training Base – Los Alamitos includes the USA Water Polo National Aquatic Center.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services in Los Alamitos, CA

Our emergency electrician in Los Alamitos is always prepared, so if you have a sparking, smoking, or buzzing electrical outlet, shut the power and call us right away. We’ll be there in 60-90* minutes. A burning plastic odor means wire insulation may be melting so don’t hesitate to call.

Power outages and surges are signs of an emergency as well. Our 24-hour electrician can find the source of the problem and fix it. The same is true for:

  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Faulty electrical panels
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers
  • Damaged cords and wiring

Electrical Repair Services in Los Alamitos

If your electrical panel shorts out or the lights flicker for no apparent reason, our Los Alamitos electrician has the training, tools, and experienced needed to quickly repair the electrical issue. We’ll repair or replace damaged power cords in no time. If you still have outdated aluminum wiring, we’ll replace it with a safer alternative. Professional lighting installation (indoors and outdoors) is also available from our residential electrician.

Home Rewiring Services

Thanks to Express Electrical Services, you don’t have to look far to find an electrician who can provide a range of home re-wiring services. We are an Orange County electrician with the tools and training to complete any electrical job, so you don’t put yourself, family, or home at risk by attempting a DIY repair. Our rewiring services include:

GFCI Outlets

A current imbalance can trigger a powerful electrical shock or burn; a ground fault circuit interrupter cuts the power instantly to protect you.


Bad wires can render an outlet inoperable or make it dangerous. We can replace outlets and switches and ensure your new installation supports your home’s electrical demand.

Kitchen Appliances

Improper wiring can affect appliance function and shorten its life. Allow our local electricians to do the work quickly and correctly.

Electric Panels

Fuse boxes and electrical sub panels are extremely important hardware, but if their faulty or outdated, you risk a fire or lack of power.

Knobs & Tubes

These outdated components were once standard, but don’t hold up to today’s electrical demands; knob & tube systems also raise the fire risk and reduce home value.

Electrical Remodeling

Our electrical contractors in Los Alamitos can provide entire home remodeling services, including installing all the wiring, fuses, switches, outlets, and parts needed so your renovated room or home addition is completely functional.

Electrical Installations in Los Alamitos

Our electric installations services are second to none. You can depend on our electrician in Los Alamitos to install the latest technologies, including EV chargers. Whether your electric/hybrid vehicle requires a level 1, level 2, or DC fast charger, our licensed electrician can install it in your garage.

If you’re looking to convert your house into a smart home, consult our residential electrician first. We can wirelessly link your lighting, appliances, blinds, air conditioning, and security system to a remote control or smartphone. Home automation can save energy, improve safety/security, and lower monthly utility bills.

Electrical Installations in Los Alamitos

Of all the ways to make your home safer, none should be ignored. Our Los Alamitos electrical contractors can help you with:

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors – Both are needed to protect you in case of an emergency. We can further improve safety by hard wiring your alarms to your electrical system, so batteries are never a concern. Smoke and CO detectors can also be interconnected to eliminate any gaps in protection.

Security Lighting – Lights aren’t always there to set the mood. Outdoor lighting, connected to motion sensors and photocells, can expose hiding spots and scare away potential intruders behind shrubs and trees.

Whole House Surge Protection – A bolt of lightning or blown over power line can send enough voltage to damage your home, appliances, devices, or electrical panel. Allow our Orange County electrician to install a whole house surge protector to prevent this.

Lighting Services

Our local electricians are prepared to install or repair exterior & interior lighting for your Los Alamitos Home. We can replace incandescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting or install accent lighting, ceiling fans, recessed lights, chandeliers, and other fixtures inside your home. On the outside, we can illuminate your landscape, install pool lighting, and provide motion sensors and transformers.

Call Our Los Alamitos Electrician Today

Express Electrical Services, serving all of Orange County, can be at your home in 60-90* minutes. You therefore have a 24-hour electrician on your side for the most urgent electrical repair. We also provide installations, rewiring, remodel, safety, and lighting services at affordable prices. Financing options are available. Check for specials and coupons and contact us today to schedule a consultation or request an emergency visit.



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