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When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician in Los Angeles who can help at a moment’s notice


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Did you know, our Brea electricians take great pride in their work. We believe in providing honest, reliable services at the most competitive prices. You can count on us to do a good job for you! If you need the skills of a capable licensed electrician in Brea, call us first.

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On call day and night, our electricians can reach you quickly in an emergency. Our emergency electrician in Brea can get to your home in as little as an hour! We offer same-day electrical services as well; therefore, you don’t have to worry about flickering lights, power surges, wiring problems, or getting hurt by sudden electrical shocks or burns.

Many different types of problems can affect electrical systems in a home. Fires, lightning strikes, power grid failures and other problems may create difficulties for homeowners. Whenever you notice an electrical problem, just give our 24-hour electricians a call. We’ll schedule a service appointment with you immediately. We want to help your family enjoy uninterrupted, safe electrical services.

We Offer Complete Brea Electrical Service

We supply a full range of services. From rewiring, electrical upgrades and troubleshooting to complete electrical rewiring. So, when you are in need of Brea electrical service, contact for:

Automating your home makes it safer, more convenient, and energy efficient, while lowering your energy bills. We can install smart locks, security cameras, and motion sensors, as well as wireless controls for heating, AC, lighting, and more. Landscape lighting can be connected to a timer or your smartphone.
Is your circuit breaker tripping, or are power surges, outages, or dimming/flickering lights a nuisance? We provide same-day electrical service in Brea, so our electrician can troubleshoot and fix the problem. Call us right away about faulty outlets, damaged cords, buzzing noises, sparks, or burning plastic smells.
We can support your remodeling project with LED recess lighting, various color options, and lighting design expertise. Advanced lighting controls can be installed, and we offer smart phone and iPad control for lighting. Our technicians are also familiar with the residential permit process, so can help there too.
Rewiring a home requires extensive experience and training. Our Brea electrician has both and can manage installation of service panels, fuse boxes, kitchen appliances, switches, dimmers, and GFCI outlets. Customers also rely on us to replace outdated wiring systems that may be a fire risk.
Electrical panels distribute power to every circuit in your home. We can upgrade your panel or replace a fuse box that is malfunctioning, which can send too much or too little electricity to your appliances and devices. Old circuit breakers can be replaced so your system can handle multiple devices working at once.
Whether you have an existing wiring connection or not, we can install your ceiling fan, and even provide fixtures with lighting. We also install bracing to support a fan and, if necessary, a mounting box to run the electrical wiring to operate the fan, so you benefit from temperature control, lower HVAC demand, and comfort.
Charge your electric or hybrid vehicle from home with an EV charging station in your garage. We install Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers in Brea homes, so you can get on the road with your ride fully powered, and enjoy perks such as great fuel economy, a quiet drive, and knowing your contributing to a cleaner environment.
Used decades ago, knob and tube wiring has likely degraded, but doesn’t support modern demands anyway. Our residential electrician, available 24/7, can update your home wiring so it’s safe, functional, and reliable.
Lighting can accent your home, improve safety, and boost security, inside and out. Our Brea electrician is skilled at installing lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, ceiling fans, and LED recessed lighting, and can install timers, dimmers, and lighting controls as well.

Home Safety Services in Brea

Alert you on the presence of the colorless, odorless, deadly gas; our electricians install detectors based on training and state guidelines.
Our team knows the requirements for smoke alarms, and can interconnect and hard-wire them so you’re fully protected against smoke and fires.
Security lights, with digital timers, photocells, and motion sensors, can be safely installed to deter potential outside intruders.
Avoid expensive electrical repair projects with protection against powerful lightning-induced surges that can destroy electronics.

When You Need Brea Emergency Electrical Repair Services

When you need a 24/7 emergency electrician, electrical repair, or an electrician for any reason, call our qualified team for same-day electrical service in Brea. We offer estimates, schedule fast service appointments, and even special deals on electrical services in your area!



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