Electrical Outlet, Switch, & GFCI Installation and Repair in Santa Ana

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Electrical Outlet, Switch, & GFCI Installation and Repair in Santa Ana

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If you live in Santa Ana, CA, Express Electrical Services can install standard-grade and GFCI electrical outlets and switches. Water and electricity don’t mix, but a GFCI receptacle can protect you against electric shock when you use an appliance or tool with moisture around. Electronic devices and appliances can therefore be safely used in the bathroom, while an outdoor GFCI outlet lets you handle electric power tools in the rain.

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How Does a GFCI Outlet Work?

A standard electrical outlet serves as a connection between a plug and your home’s electrical system. Taking a different approach, a ground fault circuit interrupter constantly monitors the current flowing between the hot and neutral slot in the outlet. Normally, there should be a balance. When there’s not, the circuit is automatically tripped, cutting the power supply, which takes as little as one-thirtieth of a second.

Once this happens, this prevents you from getting shocked if you accidentally touch the GFCI plug. However, if you feel a shock or notice sparks, then electric switch repair is needed, and our Orange County electrician will install a GFCI outlet to replace your unprotected or faulty one.

Why Install a GFICI Outlet?

Any place water and electricity might mix is a suitable location for a GFCI outlet. Our Santa Ana based electricians may therefore install an electrical outlet of this type anywhere. The most likely locations include the bathroom, kitchen, or garage, or even near your yard or on the side of the house. By doing so, we can completely eliminate the risk of shock.

If you’re considering installing these outlets, call a professional. It’s not as simple as a standard outlet or switch installation, but an experienced electrician in Santa Ana can install your GFCI outlet correctly and without a problem. Also it’s important you call a licensed technician if you believe any outlet is in immediate need of repair.

Signs You Need New Outlets and Switches

Repair or replace your electrical outlets and switches at the first sign of a problem. It will protect you from worse problems such as injuries or expensive damage to your home. The sooner you identify a problem, the faster we can respond to, troubleshoot, and fix the underlying issue. Call our licensed, experienced emergency electrician if you find:

These are not up to current codes and do not support the load required by modern-day appliances. They can easily overload, spark, or cause injury or fires.
Neutral and hot wires are inserted through small holes behind the outlet, rather than being anchored with screws. Installed in the 1970s and 1980s, these outlets may have loose connections that may disrupt power, cause outlet damage, and ignite fires (the only way to identify one is to disconnect the receptacle and inspect the wire connections).
n outlet that looks worn or burnt should be immediately replaced by a professional. Electric switch repair should be sought if the part looks damaged or electrical performance is affected.

If your lights keep flickering or changing intensity, it can be extremely annoying, and is a sign of a major problem. Our electricians in Santa Ana, serving all of Orange County, can find the faulty part and replace it to restore your sanity and safety.


Why Call a Professional Santa Ana Electrician?

Outlet and switch repair are not as simple as most people would like to think. Proper installation requires more than screwing the switch plate into the wall. The wiring must be placed and secured correctly. Also, trained electricians know how to verify the installation is successful. In addition to switch repair, our Santa Ana electrician can repair or replace GFCI receptacles, without the concern for your safety associated with a DIY repair or replacement.

Express Electrical Services also offers emergency services. Concerned for your safety in the wake of electrical problems? We take calls and can respond within 60-90* minutes for all emergencies. Our highly trained technicians are committed to prompt, quality service and getting the job done right. We offer electrical installations in Orange County for a variety of electrical services & components, and our licensed electricians can even re-wire your house so it’s up to code and everything is in working order—no matter how big or small the job.

More than 30 years of experience, and up-front fixed pricing, are reasons Santa Ana customers choose us as their electrician. For more information on GFCI outlet and switch repair, our emergency services, and financing programs, contact us today and feel free to discuss your requirements or request an emergency visit.


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